Flying into moth decline in Britain

You may not like them flying around in your closet and nibbling on your sweaters, but out in nature, moths are an important part of the ecoysystem, and unfortunately, the BBC reports their numbers are falling rapidly in Britain. A study by the group Butterfly Conservation says that common moths have fallen by a third since 1968, and this has serious implications for the birds and bats which feed upon them. Scientists have not been able to pinpoint exactly why the moths numbers are dropping so rapidly, but suspect that pollution, or a loss of habitat might be to blame. Whatever the cause, with 2/3rds of the more than 300 moth species studied showing a decline, this is one environmental mystery that isn’t likely to flutter away anytime soon.


About the Author: David Rothbard

David Rothbard

David Rothbard is co-founder and President of CFACT.