CFACT Europe issues new book – “The Climate Catastrophe – What Is It All About?”

Continuing its growth as an important resource on environmental issues, CFACT Europe recently released its latest publication entitled The Climate Catastrophe – What Is It All About? The Nairobi Report on Climate Change, Climate Madness and Climate Hoax.  Click to purchase (German)

This provocative booklet examines the latest political developments surrounding the issue of climate change and their relationship to the current state of climate science. It begins by exploring the question of whether there has been any substantial warming outside the range of natural variability (answer: no), continues by examining whether the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the last 100 years is a principle cause of global warming (answer: no) and concludes by discussing whether global warming would be a more of a bane or benefit if it should be proven true (answer: it depends!).

Other questions the publication addresses include:

  • Can humankind realistically prevent further increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide?
  • Are efforts to curb greenhouse gases proving to be more costly than beneficial?
  • Does the existence anthropogenic greenhouse gases really matter?
  • How did the present hysteria emerge?
The impetus for crafting this pamphlet came from the heightened public attention drawn to the global warming issue, largely forged by media hype in Europe, shortly after the 2006 IPCC-Conference in Nairobi. Originally entitled the “Nairobi Report,” this pamphlet has since been frequently updated and expanded. It attempts to clear a path for those who are, for various reasons, unable to clearly see through the vast jungle of climate literature.

The hostile responses it has received from proponents of the global warming theory have also been, sadly, not unpredictable – at least any more so than some of the doom-and-gloom prognostications certain IPCC scientists. Therefore, the author, a well respected climate expert from Berlin (Germany), prefers to remain anonymous.

German title:
Argus: Die Klimakatastrophe – was ist dran?
Der Nairobi-Report über Klimawandel, Klimawahn und Klimaschwindel.
ISBN 978-3-940431-02-8. Jena 2007. 72 p. 8,90 EUR.


About the Author: Holger Thuss