The Solar Cycle, Climate, Carbon and Crop Yields: EIKE Berlin

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On April 17th and 18th members of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) gathered at Humboldt University in Berlin for their annual meeting and to discuss the latest developments in climate research and policy. Participants agreed that the current climate debate serves the interests of energy companies and the makers of solar panel and wind turbines, but neglects sound science.

“It is very encouraging to see the positive response from taxpayers, business people and a growing number of scientists to what we do,” said EIKE President Dr. Holger Thuss. “If the science is bogus and the economics don’t work, sooner or later policy makers will be forced to develop an exit strategy from their doom-and-gloom scenarios. I don’t see how they can reach any of their objectives at the upcoming UN climate conference in Copenhagen.”

Dr. Horst Borchert of Mainz University presented an evaluation of a huge sample of measurements of atmospheric gases. He concludes that, “there can be no doubt about a link between solar activity and global temperatures. All the data points in this direction.” Dr. Borchert’s evaluation will be be published soon.

Dr. Werner Köster, Professor of Agriculture at the University of Duisberg, Essen, concurred with the findings of Craig and Keith Idso that carbon increases in the atmosphere improve crop yields. Dr. Koester pointed out that increased carbon dioxide leads to increased food production. “Carbon dioxide is the most ignored fertilizer of the 20th century,” Dr. Köster said.

The institute chose its 2009-2011 board, electing Dr. Holger Thuss President, Michael Limburg, Vice-president and Wolfgang Mueller, Secretary General. They discussed membership, rules and the upcoming COP 15 conference in Copenhagen.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy was founded in 2007 by scientists, economists and organizations and citizens from all walks of life to independently reassess current climate science. CFACT Europe is proud to be a founding member. EIKE’s advisory board has grown to include renowned scientists from throughout the world.

Clarification: CFACT encouraged the formation of EIKE, but was not part of the legal and organizational structure of EIKE. EIKE was independent and remains independent to this day.