Statue of Liberty Returning to France?

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France-map-flag-colored zIn recent years, a number of pro-free-market think tanks and taxpayer associations have been formed in France, and their effectiveness and impact clearly are increasing. These groups include Institut Economique Molinari, the Institute for Economic Studies-Europe, Institut de Formation Politique, Contribuables Associes (French Taxpayers Association), etc.
In part because of their efforts, France has sharply reduced its corporate income-tax rate so it is lower than the U.S. rate. France also has been reducing its individual tax rates so that many Frenchmen now pay a lower maximum tax rate than do the taxpayers of New York, California and many other states
If the tax-rate increases proposed by the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress are passed into law, all upper-income Americans will be paying higher personal tax rates than the wealthy in France.

Reposted with the kind permission of Simon Espersen, Copenhagen Institute from source material by Richard Rahn.

Simon Espersen, Copenhagen Institute

Simon Espersen, Copenhagen Institute


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