If that’s Success – I’m in

 Einar Du Rietz is watching the President’s game, or is it Gameboy?

Acting EU President Reinfeld has been busy the past two weeks, partly as he has declared the Copenhagen summit in December the most important event during his six month stint. So far, my congratulations go both to him and to his spin doctors.Chickenrace

Last week, the EU leaders gathered to form a mandate before the summit. A mandate; not any obligations before Copenhagen. According to both the President’s staff and the media, the meeting was, in spite of immense difficulties, a success. Indeed it was. It was simply solved by giving the nine – out of 27 – dissenting countries – what they wanted. They now do not have to pledge to pay a euro cent in this billion euro project for the next ten years.

This week, the acting president visited another president, the one in the US. After presenting him with a basketball T-shirt as a friendly gift, he proudly announced that Obama had complimented him on his environmental work. He then added that regardless of good intentions, the White House had no chance of getting Senate approval in time anyhow and that Obama was not even sure he would turn up in Copenhagen.

On a side note, the American President also made clear that he would not make the customary detour to Stockholm, after recieving his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. A diplomatic faux pas, but maybe not as bad as the earlier winner Al Gore, who, while spilling tears over CO2 emissions, gladly had himself flown both to Stockholm and further on to Frankfurt on the Swedish governmental aircraft. Incidentally, a cabinet minster has to be on board that aircraft, by law. In other words, four trips. But I guess Air Force One now tries to avoid climate compensating.

And still no enthusiasm from China, where by the way, the acting European president made another faux pas some years ago by  arriving to the official reception clad in some sort of leisure garment. If this is success, I’m really looking forward to Copenhagen.


About the Author: Einar Du Rietz

Einar Du Rietz is a journalist and communications consultant based in Europe. He has authored several environmental reports for the Electrolux Group and written many blogs for the Center for the New Europe at CNE Environment.