Gorbachev, the Apocalypse Trumpeter

by Edgar L. Gärtner (Frankfurt)

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 2009 ancient soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, now president of the NGO “Green Cross International”, wrote an editorial for The London Times . In this article Gorbachev is, perhaps involuntarily, confirming the hypothesis that the real aim of the “Earth Charter” proposed by his NGO is promoting world communism under the new “global sustainable community” label.  He asserts that “in the 1980s the world was at an historic crossroad. The arms race had created an explosive situation. Nuclear deterrents could have failed at any moment. We were heading for disaster, spending billions on an arms race, rather than investing in creativity and people. Today another planetary threat has emerged. The climate crisis is the new wall that divides us from our future, and today’s leaders are vastly underestimating the urgency, and potentially catastrophic scale, of the emergency. People used to joke that we will struggle for peace until there is nothing left on the planet; the threat of climate change makes this prophecy more literal than ever. Comparisons with the period immediately before the Berlin Wall came down are striking. Like 20 years ago, we face a threat to global security and our very future existence that no one nation can deal with alone.” Mikhail Gorbachev-7.jpg

German author Torsten Mann in his recently published book “Red Lies in Green Clothes” demonstrates that Mikhail Gorbachev’s “Perestroika”, the demolition of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet economy don’t indicate Gorbachev’s acceptance of the victory of Western ideas over collectivism.  In reality his long-term commitment has been to Communism (see the English summary on my own homepage ).
Mann shows that Mikhail Gorbachev never changed his communist convictions. He simply replaced Stalinist terror methods by a charming offensive that was launched in February 1986 with the 27th congress of the U.S.S.R.’s Communist Party. In 1987 Gorbachev wrote in a book published in several languages: “In October 1917 we have definitely broken with the old world. We are approaching a new world, the communist world. We will never leave this road.”

“Tear down the wall” for Gorbachev now signifies that the forthcoming Copenhagen climate summit needs to find a commitment on global governance and redistribution of wealth in order to save planet earth. “You cannot dodge the call of history. I appeal to heads of state and government to personally come to the climate change conference in Copenhagen this December and dismantle the wall. The people of the world expect you to deliver; do not fail them”, Gobachev implores world leaders. Why do I have the impression I’m hearing the voice of the Antichrist?


About the Author: Edgar Gaertner

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  1. Duane

    Antichrist? No. Communist yes. There is nothing he would like to see more than a communistic type world government. I pray that the world wakes up from their ignorance and stops these people before it is too late.

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