Making Some Sense in Copenhagen

CFACT.EU reports from the climate summit in Copenhagen

The party, and the – doubtless – costly chaos is on in Copenhagen. During Tuesday and Wednesday, CFACT co-sponsored a well attended seminar on Climate Sense, featuring knowledgeable and often eloquent speakers, including Professor S Fred Singer and world leading oceanographer Professor Nils-Axel Mörner. Both print and TV media often filled up most of the premises, taking the chance to do both general coverage and on on one interviews. And engage in discussions that sometimes got heated, but always entertaining.Danish Flag in Breeze

“Mankind is in danger”, said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “Never before in my lifetime has the danger been so real, so close, so palpable. The threat however, is not from man-made global warming, but from man made hysteria.”

Tomorrow, the strong CFACT delegation will join the 15 000 or so policy makers and activists at Bella Center


About the Author: Einar Du Rietz

Einar Du Rietz is a journalist and communications consultant based in Europe. He has authored several environmental reports for the Electrolux Group and written many blogs for the Center for the New Europe at CNE Environment.