Activists without concern: how to use the climate for your own purposes

As Noël Coward put it in a song, “Why do the wrong people travel?” It should not come as a surprise, yet the cheerful way in which some groups exploit international events to hijack the agenda is quite astounding (just imagine for a second free-market groups doing the same thing, and the reaction that would ensue).
In today’s Metro (Danish only), a German activist involved in the network Climate Justice Action is disarmingly frank about his presence at the conference :

“[The conference] does not mean anything. The UN cannot solve the world’s climate problems as it thinks that the solutions may be found in today’s capitalist system.”

So why add to the madding crowd in Copenhagen? His group plans to penetrate the conference center on Wednesday 16 December (without violence, although various objects were seized by the police recently, apparently meant to be thrown; the website is also most informative about what to do when members are arrested). According to the site, the activists will “take over the conference for one day and transform it into a People’s Assembly”.photo_9574_20091106

As they have allegedly been preparing the action for a year, we may well expect some turbulence next week. The Copenhagen Commune? It’s for your own good, please note. And such a useful way to spend time and resources.


About the Author: Jacob Arfwedson

Jacob Arfwedson first worked on environmental issues with the ICREI (Paris) in the early 1990s ( He has published extensively on various free market issues, working with some 20 think tanks in Europe and the US for the past 20 years. He received his MA from the Catholic University of Paris before studying at the Catholic University of America (Timbro Capitol Fellowship). His articles have been published by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, le Figaro and AGEFI Switzerland.

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  1. What is more worrying is this:-

    ” Your rights and obligations:

    In Denmark it is illegal to possess the following objects:

    * All sorts of weapons and parts of weapons.

    * It is however allowed to possess a knife with a blade less than 7 cm long if it can not be opened with one hand only, and if it is not a clasp knife with a blade, which can be fastened to the knife with a lock.

    They actually give advice on what type of knife can be legally carried to the conference!

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