Crashing a Greenpeace Protest in Style

vlcsnap-2009-12-13-11h39m58s188It used to be that protesters knew what they were protesting. But Greenpeace, not being a weather bureau, feeds its activists a feelgood lifestyle instead of scientific, testable information.  That’s why Lord Christopher Monckton had such an easy time debunking the protester’s prejudices about the global climate. Enjoy the next three minutes as his Lordship singlehandedly takes on the Greenpeace protest party. Please, spread the video if you like it and if you haven’t already, sign the petition against Cap and Trade, All Pain No Gain! Every voice counts!


About the Author: Daniel Fallenstein

  1. Charles.U.Farley

    Lord Monckton’s one of the best ive seen at putting across a highly complex argument in term’s that the general public can grasp.

    Id vote for him in a heartbeat if he’d form his own political party.


  2. Dale300

    I used to support Green Peace but not anymore because of their lack of caring and gone truly radical. Exetremism defeats all logic and lack of belief in the scientiic world is totally ignorant in my opinion. Too bad a wonderful organization has lost its compass like the founder stated..

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