A different kind of red and green this Yuletide

From National Journal blog:

Yesterday they marched, we marched.

Noisy, insistent and colorful writes my co-blogger Keith Schneider. Keith, you are too kind. Too kind by far.

Noisy – certainly.

Insistent – yes, but not so much about protecting the environment as on tearing down our social fabric. We’re environmentalists. These people’s environmentalism is incoherent. There was plenty of shouting about climate, but their marchers were far more concerned with opposing capitalism, technology, democracy and western society than they were interested in environmentalism.

Colorful? Now you’ve got it, but the color was not green, but red. Not touchy, feely euro-socialist red, but hard core hammer and sickle, Marx and Lenin red. If you’ve been wondering what unemployed and would-be commissars do to stage a comeback — wonder no more. Global warming is their “in.” They’re back and hungry for power.

I witnessed thousands marching under the red flags of communism. No, I’m not trying to resurrect McCarthyism. These were people who proud to use the “C” word to identify themselves. In fact, don’t take my word for it — we’ll post the whole sorry video to www.CFACT.TV as fast as we can encode and upload it. We’ve got the whole freak show on tape: polar bears, capitalist pigs, black shirted, masked anarchists, clowns, torch light processions, you name it. It would be a laughable spectacle if they weren’t so close to institutionalizing themselves into a binding UN treaty that will be far simpler to get into, than out of.

By contrast, CFACT and the Atlas Foundation also took to the streets with a message of human freedom. We erected the “Copenhagen Wall,” which symbolized the carbon curtain that would divide the world. Just as the Iron Curtain trapped Eastern Europeans in poverty and despair, now a carbon curtain, in the form of a global warming treaty, is poised to descend and deny developing nations the transportation, energy, health, abundance and industrialization they so desperately need.

CFACT’s protestors shouted for freedom rather than control. Our enthusiasm was met, however, with violence. When Josh Nadal, a student from Patrick Henry College, held up his sign which read merely, “Hey U.N., It’s Cold Out Here,” a man holding aloft a hammer and sickle flag plunged the staff into his chest sending him crumpled to the ground. Fortunately, Josh recovered. But apparently free speech isn’t for everyone. Our students from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the U.S.A. stood tall in the face of all this chaos. We’re proud of them.

Fascism and socialism were the twin evils responsible for the great tragedies of the twentieth century. I find accepting this large-scale hammer and sickle imagery on the global warming street every bit as disturbing and distasteful as I would swastikas. I would hope that many global warming proponents would as well. We at CFACT are free speech stalwarts, but free people must reject this nonsense. Socialism had its day. The damage it wrought boggles the mind. It’s tragic to see the discredited red wolf try to pass itself off as a benign green sheep.

The science is not settled, the politics is dangerous. No treaty should be signed in Copenhagen.

Watch for our video at www.cfact.tv, sign the petition at www.allpainnogain.org.



About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.