Merry Christmas my Polar Friends

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A Christmas card from Einar Du Rietz, CFACT.EU

After the Copenhagen farce, it’s finally time for joy and for good news.

So let me, as a seasons greeting, send a small reminder about he situation for the cute polar bears.

According to, among others, the international WWF the population is currently around 22-25 000 individuals, a stable population after a steady increase since the ban on hunting in 1973. As for the arctics, the polar bears home turf, the ice has so far spread to increased levels this year.

Interesting, or sad however, is that though WWF clearly states that the bears are not under threat, the same organisation’s local, national chapters continue to air the same fundraising commercials, often with prominent voice overs, threatening immediate extinction and calling for money.

Hey, buy a present for grandma instead!

In the spirit of Christmas however, I would like to suggest that we all, in different environmental groups, pledge to stick to the truth the next year. Not scare people with shaky predictions. Not use innocent cute animals as an excuse for funding. Then we might even achieve something the next decade!

Merry Christmas, friends at CFACT, WWF and the North Pole!