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It remains to be seen whether Copenhagen was indeed a watershed; but at least the French mainstream media seem less apologetic in past months. It is comforting for instance to read the columns by Claude Allègre in the weekly Le Point. (He was sacked from competitor L’Express in 2008, presumably for speaking out against the alarmists. Last October he called the self-appointed eco-hero Nicolas Hulot an imbecile.

His conclusion last week: the developing countries wisely rejected the (barely implicit) call for starvation and mayhem in exchange for CO2 reductions, and denounced “the false imperalist naiveté of the North”. “This fabulous Meccano is based (…) on a predictive model that we know is more than uncertain and probably false. But behind this organization there is also the will to rule the world by a hoard of civil servants (…).” His bravado is commendable, in particular since he remains relatively isolated.

“The world will only regain harmonious growth through innovation and adaptation to climate change, by means of wealth creation.” Let’s hope somebody is listening.

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