Allègre vivace!

Claude Allègre is a courageous man, besides being a former government minister and a scientist. And unlike most public figures in France, he is not afraid to speak his mind on the climate issue.

His new book, L’imposture climatique is a more than welcome diatribe against the ecologically correct and constructivist establishment.

For non-French readers, here are a some instructive excerpts (my translation).

On the title:

”It is an imposture to claim that we can foresee the global climate in a century. (…) The second imposture is that there is anthropogenic warming through CO2 emissions.”

What about the supposed relationship and Al Gore?

”The equation between temperature and CO2 variations is simply false. The famous hockey stick curb is false.” (…) ”Everything is false in [Al Gore’s] assertions, yet he presents them as … demonstrations.”

Or just to drive home the argument, an excerpt from the book:

”I don’t use the word ’climate imposture’ lightly. Every time that independent thinkers with a solid scientific background have examined the dossier of ’global warming’ they have either expressed doubt or refuted the alarmist theses of the IPCC.”

Heavy stuff; he’ll get plenty of heat, but three cheers for this initiative.

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About the Author: Jacob Arfwedson

Jacob Arfwedson first worked on environmental issues with the ICREI (Paris) in the early 1990s ( He has published extensively on various free market issues, working with some 20 think tanks in Europe and the US for the past 20 years. He received his MA from the Catholic University of Paris before studying at the Catholic University of America (Timbro Capitol Fellowship). His articles have been published by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, le Figaro and AGEFI Switzerland.