Confounding cause and effect can lead to Apocalypse

by Edgar L. Gärtner

mayacalendar.gifWe neither need the Maya calendar, nor the prophecies of Nostradamus or Malachias, in order to be able to clearly recognize that the end of our intimate world approaches. Not only around Christmas 2012, but at the end of the current year, the cracks in the walls of the welfare-state organised European house will be so significant that the danger of collapse will be obvious. With this, it also becomes clear that it does not require global warming, earth quakes or other natural catastrophes, to get closer to the apocalypse. The galloping reality loss of our political class is sufficient to completely bring the structure of the world in disorder.

Because our governments have to confound cause and effect not only in the context of climate change, but also of debt crisis in order to safeguard their apparent legitimacy, they will grab ,with a sure instinct, the medicine which will not  help resolve, but surely aggravate the crisis symptoms. They explain climate change as a consequence of the rising CO2-concentration in the atmosphere, although all observations suggest that it behaves exactly in reverse. And they explain the devaluation of the Euro as consequence of the attack of bad speculators, although it is obvious that only the insolvency of Greece and other European welfare states provided the basis for speculation attacks.
In order to repel the speculation against the Euro, the EU Finance Ministers have decided to assist Euro-countries in financial inclination with up to 750 billion borrowed Euros and by the acquisition of Junk-Bonds through the ECB. In plain terms: The debt crisis released by a flooding of the financial markets with cheap money is now to be fought with a flash flood of cheap money. The giving up of political independence of the ECB will result in the fact that the so far still halfway economically reasonable Germans now become milk cows of the socialist blackmailers and redistributors lead by French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his minister Pierre Lellouche. By the way, in my three years ago published book “Öko Nihilismus“ I assumed in a future scenario that the French central state would still formally exist thanks to systematic extortion of its European partners, while Germany would already have been impoverished and disintegrated into an accumulation of more or less viable “Gated Communities“, City States and self-governed “Gaus”. Angela Merkel, by consuming Nicolas Sarkozy’s and Pierre Lellouche’s “coup d’état” in the EU via the abolition of all stability rules of the euro zone has paved the way for the realisation of this scenario. Writing down the scenario, I was not aware of the Maya calendar. I was expecting its realisation only in the 2020’s.Pierre  Lellouche


About the Author: Edgar Gaertner