Welcome All

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Welcome back from the desert, north European delegates and activists. You certainly picked the right spot and time, as mostly half of the continent has been suffering from the sudden winter attack and ensuing traffic chaos. Interested people have thus been spending days in frozen airports reading about your courageous battle against warming.

But never mind that now. Today is the big day. It’s the annual UN day for Human Rights, as well as the Day of the Nobel Prize. While the former is a constant insult, as long as  the Human Rights politics is run by dictatorships, the latter has triggered some extraordinary accomplishments over the years. The Peace Prize (together with thew one for Litterature) being the constant topic up for debate: The European Union! Well, better than some previous recipients. Though an idea would have been to either give the substantial prize  back to the tax payers, or even fund som of those Doha deals, charity projects are hard to argue against.

Though the idea of sitting through a four-hour dinner is not my idea, the Prize is not to be considered as of no importance. On the contrary. 

Let it rather be an encouragement for more peace and prosperity.