Eco-activist: Dismantle pipeline by “any means necessary”

CFACT’s Marc Morano was at our Light Brigade counter protest to Sierra Club &’s climate rally on February 17 and he interviewed some of the activists there. He found that the mood was very angry, with some protestors declaring the Keystone XL pipeline must be dismantled by “any means necessary” after Morano asked if they support acts of eco-terror.

In the above video from February 18, Morano appeared on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” on Fox News to discuss what he found.

Morano also appeared on Canada’s SunNews to talk about the protestors. Watch the video below, which includes clips of other protestors Morano interviewed as well.


For the full interview with the activist calling for the dismantling by “any means necessary,” watch this video:


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  1. Karen Bracken

    I want to see how happy these nut cases will be when they can no longer drive a car ANYWHERE, no longer travel, no longer have lights and all the electronics they so dearly love today. How are they going to feel when they are reduced to cooking by fire and living in a tent? They have no clue. They are just doing what they think is cool. They think it somehow makes them better than other people. These are also Godless people. And Anti American. So I say if you want to live under Communism there are plenty of choices and you are free to leave America anytime. I will even help buy some a ticket to leave. One way of course.

    • spyeatte

      There are some very strange people out there. Check out the “DGR” (Deep Green Resistance) and the “Deep Ecology” nuts. Their real goal is nothing short of global deindustrialization – not even wind and solar energy production.

  2. jameshrust

    Great coverage of the “Rally for Disaster” produced by the Sierra Club and I hope the donors to these organizations realize they are contributing to the ruin of the United States and killing the world’s impoverished whose only hope to rise from their circumstances is through abundant, cheap fossil fuels.
    James Rust, Professor

  3. spyeatte

    Do these left-wing nut-burgers realize there already is a Keystone Pipeline in operation currently shipping almost 600,000 barrels per day to the U.S.? Let these little maggots try to sabotage the pipeline – we can get them behind bars where they belong.

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