Round 3 CNN tonight 9PM ET – Morano debates global warming

3-6-13 evening UPDATE: Like you, we tuned in but didn’t find it. We then found a message from Marc Morano that CNN called at the last minute and felt compelled to switch to a lion attack story.

3-6-13 UPDATE: Rescheduled for tonight at 9PM Eastern!

3-5-13 UPDATE: Debate cancelled

CNN is shifting tonight’s programming to focus instead on the death of Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez.

CNN tonight at 9 PM Eastern!

CFACT’s Marc Morano takes on global warming in his third debate on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Round one was Morano v. Bill Nye. Round two was Morano v. Michael Brune.

Rematch tonight! Morano v. Sierra Club’s Michael Brune.

CNN, LIVE! Tuesday, March 5th at 9 PM Eastern. Wednesday, March 6th at 9PM Eastern.

Marc Morano is editor in chief of


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  1. Paloma

    I just saw this documentary called CHASING ICE and it was spectacular. It has visual evidence of global warming through time-lapse photographs. Stats and opinions can be debated but visual evidence cannot. A must watch!

  2. Facts, truth and data is irrelevent to the eco terrorists because what they are doing has nothing to do with the climate or the environment. It is the lie they are usuing to make us fall into line. Agenda 21 global communism. God himself could come down and tell them the earth is fine and they will find another lie to promote their agenda.

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