Monckton dismisses global warming alarm on New Zealand TV

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Lord Christopher Monckton is on a speaking tour in New Zealand this month, and appeared on New Zealand’s Channel 3 News today to discuss whether global warming ought to be a concern.

Monckton emphasized that man’s influence on global warming is not big enough to worry about, and even if it was as big as the UN IPCC claims, it is about fifty times cheaper to adapt to it later than to try to stop it now.

He also pointed out that the 17 year pause of global warming is significant, since in 2008–when there had been only about a 10 year pause in warming–the climate modelers said a pause in warming would have to last for at least 15 years to indicate a discrepancy with the models. Watch the full interview below:


  1. tidegateguy April 5, 2013 at 11:43 PM

    The fact that no one has raised existing coastal levees and there are no plans to build new levees to address sea level rise is a tell tale sign that the machine doesn’t believe its own propaganda. See for a case study on this.

  2. Eckenhuijsen Smit April 7, 2013 at 5:24 AM

    Underneath you will find the comment I sent around the globe for many years already, to get a likewise impregnating effect as the red/green CO2 swindlers were having for more then 30 years with their lies about Climate Change etc., to convince the uninformed majority of the population with “the science is settled” lies, while tens of thousands of REAL scientists have dismissed the faulty and fraudulent IPCC conclusions.

    Earth’s CLIMATE is for ±95% decided by our sun’s activity and cosmic rays and consequently is not influenced by whatever quantity of CO2 there might be in our
    CO2 ‒natural and manmade (only 0,001152%)‒ is an inert, colourless, tasteless, innocuous, very beneficial and indispensable “GREEN” gas, necessary for all life on earth to keep nature functioning as it did during eons, so there can never be “too much”
    CO2 in the atmosphere!
    Exhausts and chimneys should even spew more CO2 unhampered!
    Politicians with some knowledge and/or insight might even understand this!
    Immediately stop wasting trillions $/€ on the worldwide construction of all those totally inefficient windmills!
    Build as many as possible ‒graphite covered uranium‒ pebbles-fed nuclear reactors to safely deliver the electric energy needed to develop all human communities on our globe!

    • J.P. Katigbak May 12, 2013 at 1:12 AM

      And do not forget to continually and vigorously challenge the satanic worldviews that are actually a bane to both humans and the environment.

      As for the scientists who actually dismissed the faulty and fraudulent conclusions on the part of IPCC, they are struggling to make a case that the earth’s CLIMATE is for 95% decided by the sun’s activity and cosmic rays and consequently is not influenced by whatever quantity of CO2 there might be in the earth’s atmosphere – that is, before Greenpeace, FOE (Friends of the Earth) and other usually ideological suspects in keeping their agenda opaque in order to justify socialist experiment into the ideological and philosophical doctrine of environmentalism. I say It’s a different kind of depressive politics.

      DO NOT let the activist ideologues unaccountable for aggravating the situation that results from depressive politics. They should feel ashamed of doing bad things done in the past years. Why? Because they are doing foolishly in disregarding good, traditional values and customs of various societies and economies around the world.

      Remember, I am still personally giving honest views about the situation I am still worried about

      BE WARNED, as always! Anyway, thank you very much. – J.P.K.

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