Climate models fail to match real world temperatures

Global temperatures have not risen in 17 years, so can we trust the global warming computer models that predicted otherwise? Dr. Roy Spencer, Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, believes the models are flawed, and here explains why: “Well we have compared 73 of these global warming computer models to real world temperatures, and every single model produces too much warming. I believe the models failed because they assume the climate system is very sensitive to human carbon dioxide emissions, when in fact it is not. Unfortunately, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on these computers models has displaced genuine research into the natural sources of climate change, and I think the public deserves better than this.”


About the Author: David Rothbard

David Rothbard

David Rothbard is co-founder and President of CFACT.

  1. Eckenhuijsen Smit

    As long as swindlers such as bankers, politicians and other undesirables fill their pockets with the money spent on “green” lies of more than 30 years, it will be vey difficult to convince normal people of the brutal dead-end-ride they were taken on!
    For dead-end it is, as CO2 is indispensable for all life on earth as it has been for eons! We have to hit those liars where it hurts most; no more “civilized niceties”!

  2. Eckenhuijsen Smit

    This is a follow-up on my former comment: I forgot to mention the smooth-talking big
    liar Barry Hussein Obama as a protagonist of the “green” lie that manmade CO2 ‒only
    0,001152% ≈ nil‒ of the global atmosphere, causes Global Warming and thus Global Climate Change.
    This obviously is a very big lie.
    But that is not enough to mention, because Barry and his ilk spend and have spent trillions of $ on the complete idiocy of wanting to diminish manmade CO2, while it had no effect and never will have any effect on Global Warming nor on Climate Change.
    Anyone being able to come up with scientific proof of the contrary is welcome!
    Climate Change is for more than 95% caused by the sun’s activity (more or less sun-flairs), changing the globe’s magnetic field and through that the quantity of cosmic ray nano-particles entering the earth’s atmosphere, which is causing more or less clouds, causing less or more Global Warming and then indeed Global Climate Change.

    • Dorkus Americanus

      You’re insane. The only swindlers are the big corporations that want to keep the public from believing in climate change

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