UN “95% certainty” of manmade global warming challenged

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Despite sixteen years of no global warming, a UN climate panel nevertheless now claims it is 95% certain humans are causing global warming. Marc Morano, editor of ClimateDepot.com, says this is absurd, and here explains why: “The UN IPCC is up to its old tricks. The 95% figure is essentially a made up number by a few handpicked UN activist scientists. The IPCC is fulfilling its mission to give political leaders a scientific narrative to push for global warming regulation. As one U.K. scientist said, ‘The UN [IPCC] is simply a political organization masquerading as a scientific body.’ Expect only fawning media coverage of this upcoming IPCC report.”

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Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.


  1. Eckenhuijsen Smit October 6, 2013 at 4:09 AM

    The sickening UN IPCC alarmist tune of the Fifth Assessment Report ‒repeated since
    the Fourth Assessment Report‒ “confirms” that more than 95% of scientists are
    convinced that manmade CO2 is the cause of Global Warming, Climate Change,
    Global dangerous weird weather, Global disappearance of glaciers, disappearance
    of Arctic ice and melting of Antarctic ice, resulting in dangerous Global sea level rise.
    They have never quantified at all how many of those “95% of IPCC scientists” there really are!
    But tens of thousands real scientists have proven that the IPCC-rubbish-scientists are
    completely wrong and lying to reach a state of alarm in the global populace.
    Luckily for us ‒the critics of the manmade CO2 hoax and swindle‒ the Australian population voted the idiots out, who imposed the same measures as those that are destroying the US and the EU.
    As far as the US is concerned, it could be easy to kick out evilly behaving Barry Hussein Obama, who proclaims the same idiotic “truths” as the IPCC.
    But for the EU it is far more difficult to undo the mischievous and fraudulent alarmist
    legislation, as every member country has different legislation concerning measures against manmade CO2.
    And many in the EU are still so stupid as to think that CO2 is a dangerous gas, while it is a gas of life without which life on earth could not exist.
    But try to get that into the dumb man’s brain!

  2. High Treason October 6, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    Hello from Australia. An avenue to expose the scam of the IPCC and its parent body ,the UN.
    Most of us at some stage have had to deal with a pathological liar-a lie, to support a lie, to support a lie. They will simply NEVER admit to lying. They fear being exposed.Then one day, you pick an inconsistency and you realize that all they have been telling you is just lie after lie and they have been scamming you all the way, to your great detriment. Ever notice that the more prestigious the scammer purports to be, the later it is detected and the bigger the stakes. The increase from 90-95% certainty when the relationship between CO2 and global temperatures is diverging should be ringing the alarm bells. The IPCC and its parent body are the grandest scam in human history.

  3. Rabbisick October 11, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    The only reason this world is stuffed up so much with lies, wars, poverty, lies, did I mention lies. Is because of one denominator THE JEW! PERIOD!

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