Worrying about climate: The new mental health burden

When it comes to global warming, melting ice caps and scorching heat waves often top the list of big worries. But now, just the act of worrying itself is allegedly becoming a new consequence of dreaded climate change. One new form of anguish is for survivors of extreme weather events – which kind of makes sense – but there’s apparently a special mental burden being carried by climate activists who one psychiatrist says are suffering from anticipatory anxiety and pre-traumatic stress disorder. Supposedly adding to the problem is that politicians aren’t doing enough to address their climate concerns, causing them to feel vulnerable and probably just not well understood.


About the Author: David Rothbard

David Rothbard

David Rothbard is co-founder and President of CFACT.

  • Eckenhuijsen Smit

    “Anticipatory anxiety and pre-traumatic stress disorder” are some of the many terrible mental disorders Barry Hussein Obama suffers, as proved by his stupid declarations that manmade CO2 is a dangerous gas, while it is exactly absolutely indispensable for all life on earth, as it has been during eons!
    Apart from that, manmade CO2 is only 0,001152 % of the atmosphere and therefore it could never cause Global Warming, Global Climate Change, Global Weird Weather or any other Global Disaster!
    More CO2 in the atmosphere through unhampered car exhausts and chimneys would do all naturally green plants much good, but Barry doesn´t know that or can´t understand that because of his badly affected psyche!

    • 4TimesAYear

      It’s more appropriately called “paranoia”.