Climate inquisition claims a scientist

Prof. Dr. Lennart Bentsson hounded off the board of the GWPF

In a recent interview Prof. Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, former director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology said, “If I cannot stand my own opinions, life will become completely unbearable.”

After an orchestrated pressure campaign he submitted the following letter of resignation to the GWPF in London:

Dear Professor Henderson,

I have been put under such an enormous group pressure in recent days from all over the world that has become virtually unbearable to me. If this is going to continue I will be unable to conduct my normal work and will even start to worry about my health and safety. I see therefore no other way out therefore than Lennart Bengtssonresigning from GWPF. I had not expecting such an enormous world-wide pressure put at me from a community that I have been close to all my active life. Colleagues are withdrawing their support, other colleagues are withdrawing from joint authorship etc.

I see no limit and end to what will happen. It is a situation that reminds me about the time of McCarthy. I would never have expecting anything similar in such an original peaceful community as meteorology. Apparently it has been transformed in recent years.

Under these situation I will be unable to contribute positively to the work of GWPF and consequently therefore I believe it is the best for me to reverse my decision to join its Board at the earliest possible time.

With my best regards
Lennart Bengtsson


Bengtsson and Galileo inquisition

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  1. Eckenhuijsen Smit

    AGW CO2 alarmist idiots abound.
    They should be burned at the stake as in the good old times!

    • walrusface

      no they should just be educated, because they don’t know the political structure, and their educations didn’t teach them how to mentally map it out. Many of us have put the pieces together, but there are people that still think the koch brothers are paying for “climate denial” news and scientists. They have no idea of the political structure like I said, or how the left has all these huge players on it’s team. Nobody says it as well as Alex Jones and it’s a shame none of these climate dupes are daily listeners. The trolls online don’t even know he’s on the radio all over the country they think it’s just a youtube channel.

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