Morano: Blaming ebola and walrus “haulouts” on global warming is absurd

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Marc Morano On Ebola climate change link: ‘It is not a very far stretch to say soon they will be selling carbon taxes as a way to fight Ebola.’

Morano: ‘Warmists are blaming spread of Ebola on extreme weather conditions. But extreme weather is either at no trends or declining trends on almost every single metric — tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts.’

Morano on walruses: ‘The walrus story has literally been recycled almost annually. This is a complete spun story by the media with no actual facts related to walruses. It is a normal event…Polar bears are feeding off dead walrus carcuses from stampede. If you are concerned about the polar bear, you would let the walruses naturally congregate’


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  1. Cajun69

    The Obama administration will do any thing to blame America for all the worlds problems just so they can Put a Carbon Tax on all USA industries because Obama and crew want us to be as weak as a third world nation so we can not fight to protect our selfs they want to give all our money to every little country because they blame us for their short comings and being poor.I am so tiered of these liberals blaming us for all the so called global warming witch if you do a little research it is a big lie and a scam That scientists made up yes they got Caught in a bunch of email bragging to each other about the Hockey stick Graphs they made up to make it look like the world was getting hotter. Bottom line Global warming is a made up bunch of bullshit so America would have to pay out hundreds of billions of dollars to the rest of the world.Now they have changed their story to well its not global warming it is Climate Change LOL All to scam us out of OUR WEALTH Wake UP AMERICANS it is all A LIE TO STEAL US BLIND

  2. Cajun69

    CARBON TAX FRAUD TO STEAL BILLIONS OF OUR TAX MONEY TO PUNISH AMERICA for some thing That is not even REAL Thanks Obama and you SHEEPLE people for helping the GREEDY make America POORER and less powerfull YOU MORONS AMERICA FIRST and that is some thing our President does not GET Stop apologizing For America Obummer we have done nothing to be Ashamed of

  3. akboss

    Yeah the “pic” of 35,000 walrus’s hauling out…gee that was in late summer WHEN there is no ice around Point Lay…they really try hard to get suckers, er I mean liberals to swallow this crap. Those of us that live in Alaska know all about there stupid remarks. Remember that Al “I invented the internet” Gore said that by 2013 there would not be ANY ICE left in the arctic. Guess that caught those people trying to sail between the Atlantic and the Pacific in a jam….an ICE JAM. Oh lets set sail through the Northwest Passage because Al said it would be ice free. They found out just how Ice free it really was.

  4. akboss

    Oh and remember that it was Al “GWS” Gore that started that carbon tax credit thing and then had a biz already waiting to cash in on the buying and selling of those credits. Every time I hear about carbon credits it is good ol Al right there pushing it to make even more cash. The man isnt an idiot, he is looking at making billions if it takes off so he is always out front fighting for it.

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