Obama: going it alone on climate

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As the delegates at COP 20 in Lima continue to debate and dialogue as to what form a new climate pact should take – the Obama administration isn’t waiting for any such details to be settled by international bureaucrats. No, just as it has shown disdain for elected representatives in Congress, the Obama folks are plowing through with their own agenda come hell, high water, or barely changing water.

Guided by ideology and ties to radical green groups, it is already unleashing its EPA on American families and businesses to severely restrict our nation’s carbon emissions. This, as CFACT has warned about repeatedly, will drive up energy costs and send businesses to places like China – which despite the President’s recent so-called breakthrough “agreement” doesn’t have to cut any emissions til 2030.

Added to this EPA onslaught against carbon now comes an equally onerous regulations concerning ozone. As reported by CFACT policy analyst Paul Driessen in a recent Investor’s Business Daily commentary, “it was only in May 2012 that EPA decided which U.S. counties met its 2008 ozone standards, which cut allowable ground-level ozone levels from 80 parts per billion (ppb) to 75 ppb (equivalent to 75 seconds in 32 years). Now EPA wants to slash allowable levels even further: to 70 or even 60 ppb, which many researchers say is below natural ozone levels. Even Jackson Hole and Teton County, Wyoming could be out of compliance, mostly due to emissions from pine trees.”

Such over-regulation is killing America’s competitiveness with much of the world. Sadly, it is also doing absolutely nothing to help the environment or human health. The EPA needs to be reigned in, and I urge you to read Paul’s complete article in IBD to get all the facts about this particular outrage.

On a good note, it appears our friends in Australia are taking a different route. Unlike the Obama administration which has bought in hook, line and sinker to the alarmist cause, President Tony Abbott’s team is resisting the call to chuck away its coal reserves and is very encouragingly pressing forward with solid, pro-energy policies.

This, not unexpectedly, has angered the global warmers – one of whom in the UK Guardian actually credits CFACT’s Marc Morano as being the visionary behind the Aussie’s troubling energy policy: ‘Coal is the moral choice,’ said Morano…it is now (unbelievably) Australia’s official political position (as well),’ the panicked Graham Readfearn reported.

For the full article, read here.

This is a positive development, and while we don’t how much if anything we actually influenced Australian policy makers, we’re delighted the good folks down-under seem to be headed down a positive path – a path we’re certainly going to encourage others to join during our time here in Lima.

Next week things will be cranking up as our team here will be joined by Apollo astronaut Walt Cunningham and Climate Depot’s Marc Morano. Expect to see even more CFACT reports in the coming days!

Peru plenary session

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  1. jay armstrong December 28, 2014 at 10:52 AM

    The only way Obama could be a bigger IDIOT is if he gained weight. For him to blow it on so many levels of incompetence is a sad revelation the country. I wish he would just grow a pair and step up to the plate and do the right thing, save some one the trouble and just go away forever. What a disappointment, well you liberal progressive leaf lovers had your chance, and ostracized your base in the process. If this country doesn’t fail, there will surely be some change coming. So all the idiots that don’t like this post line up and voice your comments;

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