Special report on Pope Francis and global warming

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As Pope Francis visits America, CFACT is pleased to present a must-read Climate Depot exclusive report.

The media, political leaders, the public — and certainly many Catholics — are confused about the Pope’s involvement in the global warming debate.

Clear away the confusion! Read Climate Depot’s comprehensive special report on the Pope’s foray into man-made global warming politics and science.

This report from Marc Morano, founder of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, summarizes the most common questions about the Pope and climate and gives readers easy-to-understand talking points about the Pope’s involvement.

Is the Pope’s message so powerful that even Al Gore is considering becoming a Catholic? Or is the Pope leading Catholics into a deeply secular Green movement?

This new report will clear up the misconceptions.  It is a report that anyone, no matter what his or her faith, will learn from.

Climate Depot Special report on Papal enyclical

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  1. Political Vel Craft September 25, 2015 at 4:42 PM

    Clarification On Laudato Si.

    Pope Francis’s Approach On Laudato Si, is to use the PREMISE of the CITED “scientific consensus” in exposing the exploitation of humankind by corporate greed. Particularly in Section 23:

    Climate As A Common Good!

    Particularly Article II Section 66:

    This is a far cry from our situation today, where sin is manifest in all its destructive power in wars, the various forms of violence and abuse, the abandonment of the most vulnerable, and attacks on nature.

    As you read the Laudato Si, one soon realizes that The Climate Change Encyclical is NOT ABOUT The Catholic Church’s defense of Global Warming Data by the CITED “scientific consensus”.

    Pope Francis in simplicity brings to bear this argument and in short says and in my words, ‘even if true or not, RECOGNIZE who is exploiting whom in this argument of warming and the failure to protect the most vulnerable’.

    Cardinal Peter Turkson stated:

    “The aim of the Encyclical is not to intervene in this debate, which is the responsibility of scientists, and even less to establish exactly in which ways the climate changes are a consequence of human action”

    With that PREMISE:

    Schellnhuber said he wanted to break the myth that 85 of the world’s richest people own the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion of global poor population. “It’s actually 60” people, he said.

    His speech culminated by noting that a stable climate, which is “our common good,” is being destroyed not by the many, but by the few.

    Please understand that 100% of Laudato Si was to call recognition of EXPLOITATION by the rich & shameless against the most vulnerable.

    You see this was a brilliant moment to bring the world’s awareness to the crimes of exploitation by the radicals of the NWO.


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