Paris think tanks join forces with CFACT

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Last night CFACT was treated to some splendid hospitality from three Paris think tanks.

ALEPS, IREF and Institut Turgot have  joined forces with CFACT and the Heartland Institute to present the straight facts about global warming during the UN conference on climate change in Paris.  Our French friends helped us sell out the Paris premiere of our new film Climate Hustle.

It is great to find so many leading French citizens ready to think for themselves and challenge global warming hype.

Marie-France Suivre, Delegate General of Institut Tugot, charmed us all with her welcoming remarks.  She gave us permission to publish them at


Marie France Suivre Paris remarks CFACT

Welcoming remarks by Marie-France Suivre

Delegate General, Institut Turgot

Dear friends,

We are most pleased to welcome you here for this friendly evening get together.

You are fond of liberty, as we are. Here is a sort of historic place, the home of the modern French classical liberal and libertarian movement.

ALEPS was founded fifty years ago and since then has been located in this place. Though French liberals and libertarians are scattered among a number of organizations, this is the place that has really been central to the revival of liberal thought in France for now two or three generations.

Because you are lovers of liberty, and you are entirely devoted to its defence, you have been among the very first to uncover the truth about the dirty swindle that hides behind the dominant man-made global warming ideology.

We are very proud you elected to make the trip to Paris in order to pursue here, your dedicated fight against such trickery, and express what you deeply believe are the facts about the climate.

Your presence and support here tonight are very important and comforting.

Our climate realist movement has been created just three months ago with no money, no business support, on an entirely individual, voluntary basis, in a very hostile media and political environment.

It’s why your moral support is for us so important.

Our buffet and hospitality tonight are offered by the following three organizations:

ALEPS, whose president is Patrick Simon, IREF, represented by Jean-Philippe Delsol and Institut Turgot with the economist Henri Lepage and myself.

Thank you for your patience and bon appétit.

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  1. wally12 December 3, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    Wow! I find that there are now think tanks in France that have come to the realization that the Climate change agenda of the climate scientists and the UN is a scam. The article states that the think tank, ALEPS, was begun fifty years ago but that it has only been 3 months since they and the others have organized to voice their skepticism about the scam of climate change. It appears that these resistant movements have been silenced by the government and the media just as these entities have attempted to do it in the US. I am hopeful that this skepticism and voices against man made global warming catch enough support to defeat this scam movement. The article states that these think tanks have not received funds for support from any businesses not even those in the oil and gas sector. Are they all afraid they will be punished? I wouldn’t be surprised since even some companies in the US who depend on profits from oil and fossil fuels have not come out strongly against the man made global warming scam for fear of regulatory restrictions or contracts from the government for voicing their opinions. Instead, many of these companies hide their real beliefs by stating that hey have research and programs to address warming in the hope that this would satisfy the government and prevent reprisal. Maybe, CFACT could organize and present the facts and hopefully convince these companies to really voice their real opinions to the government legislators. Start with key democrat legislators since they appear to be the ones who are in lock step with Obama.

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