Video: Celebrate women by jailing climate “deniers”

Celebrate women by taking political prisoners?


About the Author: Adam Houser

Adam Houser coordinates student leaders for CFACT's collegians program.

  1. Jack Reed

    This cracks me up, sadly not really funny though. These people were barely able to speak, and then not very clearly, yet they think that it is okay to send people to jail who are only just reading the real science and making up their own minds about what is happening with the climate. The warmists cannot even point to verifiable science to make their points, but when ‘skeptics’ ask them to actually look at the real science they start crying for prosecution. It’s beyond the pale!

  2. James in Texas

    We can fix anything except “Stupid”. And we are really struggling to stay ahead of the universities and college’s that are turning out so many really stupid folks! Climate Change has been around since the beginning of Human time, in fact it happened today because yesterday it was raining and today it is not raining. Who woulda thunk!

  3. Ruth Bard

    Useful idiots to a man, er, woman. More idiotic than useful, methinks. The ones driving them on are probably having a good laugh as they deposit their money and avoid all negative publicity.

    Oh, and that “scientist” should know that life begins at conception, and so-called “reproductive rights” are actually murder rights.

  4. dje3

    I am a scientist….hmmm really? Is that a Sears poncho or a real poncho? Really? no fooling?

    The real issue is how to impart the knowledge to those involved that they have become fascists. Most people do not understand that the “left” and “right” were just given their designation by which side or a table they sat on in talks. The truth is that politics move in a circle from one to the other side. Fascism has always been the end goal of the democratic party in the US. CONTROL, FEDERALISM…the way to assure that happens it to find ways to micro manage using federal mandates in small areas, until there is NOTHING left except government control…

    How to end this problem? Simple. Each state in the US is supposed to be a separate and individual country. The Federal umbrella is supposed to do THREE things ONLY.
    1. Allow (support) for interstate commerce without taxation between the states.
    2. Provide treaties between the states and foreign governments.
    3. Assure non aggression by foreign entities and to provide military to protect the several states if that fails.

    The sooner we return to the basic the more effective our government will become. Until then we will see these liberal fascists taking over everything and attempting to expand federalism, which is unconstitutional in its face.

  5. peterfalexander

    So a Generation has been “educated” that by being alive they are ruining the Planet,
    Drug Addiction often comes from Depression & guilt & being unable to control pain of brain real & made up.
    Sad especially with modern technology we humans can improve life on Planet for all creatures great & small even humans.
    Sense Of Place & Purpose needs revival…for their survival.

  6. wally12

    This video is very sad. It points directly to the root causes of the climate change problem. 1. A few climate scientists who actually believed that CO2 was the driver of warming the earth published their findings as fact. 2. A pol taken by a student threw out those responses that didn’t fit his narrative since he also believed in the original findings that CO2 was the driver. 3. Politicians from the UN IPCC , some various government politicians and some green energy entrepreneurs recognized that power and profit could be obtained by supporting the green energy industry. 4. The liberals of this government with the help of a compliant press bought into the scam. Thus, the race was on. 5. The US EPA accepted the claims that CO2 was the driver and issued the regulation that CO2 was a pollutant. 6. The SCOTUS agreed that the EPA had the power to regulate which materials, gases etc were pollutants. They didn’t rule on whether the EPA was correct in their findings since the court is not scientific but simply restated what powers the EPA has that were given to them by congress. 7. The liberals in government pushed the education department of the US to begin the indoctrination of all students beginning in the early grades that CO2 was a pollutant and that the earth will fry unless CO2 levels were reduced and that green energies would save the world. 8. Many poor nations and those who have always faced storm surge flooding and damages from weather events eagerly bought into the scam since they would gain in financial help from the richer industrialized nations through tax redistribution of the richer nations. 9. Now we have those who are behind the scam and those who have been taught a lie believe that anyone who does not support the scam are criminals and need to be jailed. 10. There has been many falsehoods issued by the “warmers” that any weather event or flood etc prove that climate change is caused by humans. Skeptics have pointed out the facts that do not prove the “warmer’s” claims only to have the “warmers” readjust their data and models in an attempt to make the graphs fit their propaganda.

    Hopefully there are still many skeptic scientists and some politicians who have not bought into the scam. It is up to us to keep the skeptic truth going in publications of all types. Hopefully, Trump and his administration will undo the damages that have resulted from this scam. Trump must reject the Paris climate agreement. The new education department needs to rewrite the text books of the nation and return to true scientific methods of teaching rather that propaganda. The legislators must stop the EPA and other agencies from controlling all aspects of environmental control. The EPA must actually prove their claims that CO2 and other materials etc are pollutants and that actual costs of these pollutants if found be proven.
    There is much work to be done.

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