Antarctic media hype debunked — WATCH NOW

A story recently on claims a research station in Antarctica broke the record for warm temperature and reached a balmy 63 degrees.
But according to the WATTSUPWITHTHAT the location at Base Esperanza is the most extreme northward tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, not far from Africa, and experiences wind storms that can dramatically increase temperatures by 50 degrees or more in a matter of hours — adding to the fishy nature of the story.

About the Author: David Rothbard

David Rothbard

David Rothbard is co-founder and President of CFACT.

  1. tomwys

    Spend about 25 seconds enlarging and showing the disjointed pixels that prove it was photoshopped, for a more impressive rebuttal!

  2. MJSnyder

    The Western Antarctic Peninsula is not far from South America, but a long ways from Africa……… may want to correct this.

    • MrFendster

      4,500km from Capetown, homebase of the South African Nation Antarctic Mission. But concede South America is MUCH closer.

  3. Gil

    The northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula is quite close to the southern tip of South America, not Africa.

  4. Kicker

    Jeez guys! You’re making me sorry I recommend your website. Surely you can do a better job of editing your stories. The north tip of Antarctica (Base Esperanza) is 650 miles from the southern tip of SOUTH AMERICA.

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