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Diesel powered electric cars at the UN climate conference

CFACT jumped in a complimentary electric car at the UN climate conference to move between the official negotiating zone and the NGO zone. Our driver told us he hates the electric car,because its limited range makes it next to useless for a professional taxi driver.

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CFACT co-sponsors climate and energy conference with EIKE

CFACT is proud to partner with EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, for the conference which opens today in Dusseldorf, Germany. The conference will feature CFACT's Marc Morano, Craig Rucker and many other prominent science and policy experts including Nir Shaviv, Henrik Svensmark, Francois Gervais, Horst Lüdecke, Lord Christopher Monckton and many more.

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America First Energy Conference

The Heartland Institute is gathering the country’s best energy policy experts, as well as key players in the industry, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas on Thursday, November 9, 2017, for its America First Energy Conference. It’s an event that will explain what has happened, and more importantly, what comes next.

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Hurricane wind force increases exponentially, not linearly — Watch out!

If Hurricane Irma impacts the United States at category 4 or 5 strength the effects will be devastating. As hurricane winds increase, the force of the wind does not increase linearly, but exponentially. A category 5 storm is not five times more destructive than a category 1 storm. It is 500 times more destructive! Check out the full Saffir-Simpson scale.

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