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We stand with Paris

We stand with Paris. You have our hopes, thoughts and prayers on this tragic Friday the thirteenth. CFACT will be in Paris for the UN climate conference which opens November 30th. There will be much to debate. Today, we stand together.

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Morano on dire studies leading up to UN Summit: ‘Its political lobbying disguised as science’

Morano: 'Global temperatures have been at a standstill. How do you make that sound scary? You make a bunch of scary predictions about a hundred years from now and you say ‘Hey it's worse than we thought’ – You respond: ‘What's worse? Global temperatures haven't gone up’ and the climate activists answer is ‘The predictions of the future are now much worse than they were a few years ago.

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Singin’ the blues for Gina “Old Yellowstain” McCarthy

There's a fun little interlude in "The Caine Mutiny" during which a young ship's ensign sings "The Yellowstain Blues" to honor Captain Queeg's incompetence. Here it is for 2015's "Old Yellowstain," Gina McCarthy, whose EPA released the contaminants that turned the Animas River yellow.

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