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  • It Can’t Be That Hard to Act Like A Gentleman

    Einar Du Rietz on the latest IPCC blunder

    A Gent

    So we have to wait another 300 years before the Himalayan ice melts. The IPCC has admitted it had the new predictions before the Copenhagen summit, but were to busy to consider them. The most recent account is by the environmental editor at The Times, Ben Webster.

    “The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit, The Times has learnt.

    Rajendra Pachauri was told that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment that the glaciers would disappear by 2035 was wrong, but he waited two months to correct it. He failed to act despite learning that the claim had been refuted by several leading glaciologists.”

    “False”, is a strong word and indicates that there really exists a final date for the glaciers. So, when is it going to be? June 10 2335? Any such claim sounds to me like any claim throughout history that the world will end. Tomorrow at tea time!

    What makes it mportant is that the 2035 prediction was only one among others, being percieved as the solid science that no longer was the topic of a polite seminar, but called for global, emmidiate action, in other words costly and possibly dangerous politics. The mantra, both before and during Copenhagen was always that “The Debate is Over”, “We Can’t Wait any Longer”, in extreme cases leading otherwise sensible people to question if “We” could even afford democracy any longer.

    This was, and is scary, but there is an alternative.

  • Don’t Get Mad About the Weather – Get Even

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Two of the more intriguing accusations I got thrown at me in Copenhagen were: “Climate Hater” and “Weather Denier”.

    Funny, but strange. I’m convinced that cursing along, hating the ever changing climate is about as constructive as trying to steer a sailing boat by shouting orders to the winds. Either one would just drive you mad (and possibly injured). Denying the weather seems more promising, but equally dangerous. Is that what you do when you take that boat out in spite of the approaching storm?

    There’s no room to deny the record breaking cold winter right now. Yo might enjoy the complete silence from the alarmists in Copenhagen, who really picked the wrong year for the meeting, or you may rejoice over the increasing polar ice and the happy polar bears, but the problems are real.

    More than 200 dead, just from the cold, in Poland alone. Numerous other victims all over Europe, and the US. Disrupted communications, often fatal traffic accidents, broken limbs on slippery sidewalks, power failures and skyrocketing electricity bills tell the story.

  • Happy New Year – The End is – Not – Near

    Another seasons greeting  from Einar Du Rietz Dear fellow environmentalists, holidays are supposed to offer a moment of reflexion, so please be my guest to this favourite (most likely your favourite too, at least if you are a Brussels ex-pat) New Years song. This year, it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary, being written and performed in 1979. […]

  • Merry Christmas my Polar Friends

    A Christmas card from Einar Du Rietz, CFACT.EU After the Copenhagen farce, it’s finally time for joy and for good news. So let me, as a seasons greeting, send a small reminder about he situation for the cute polar bears. According to, among others, the international WWF the population is currently around 22-25 000 individuals, […]

  • Freezing Cold and Meltdown Treaty

    by Einar Du Rietz, Copenhagen

    Obama is on his way, and the COP 15 is nearing climax, or meltdown. The results so far are the same as we predicted. Close to 1 000 activists arrested, some beaten. Some professional hooligans, others bystanders. NGO’s kicked out of Bella Center as too many accreditations had been handed out. (CFACT, meanwhile has been most succesful in different sorts of activism. Please enjoy the documentation on this site.)

    And the negotiations at a stalemate, currently turned into discussions over two separate treaties.

    For some reason, this surprises some. So what were you hoping to achieve then? Let me try to sort out some crucial points.

    A so called “binding” treaty with all of the world’s countries, was never on the table, though many people – including the EU President – pretended at times that it was. The reason is simple. The American President can not, according to law, sign any treaties – only declarations – without senate approval. Such approval does not exist yet.

  • Denmark Trades Dalai Lama for Climate Treaty

    Dalai Lama

    Ends Inconvenient Friendship With Tibet

    By Einar Du Rietz, Copenhagen

    Maybe these guys are serious about the Copenhagen treaty after all. Wednesday evening it became clear that Denmark has reversed its policy on China and Tibet by abruptly recognizing Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. Denmark promised to act with “caution” in future contacts with the Dalai Lama,

  • Making Some Sense in Copenhagen

    CFACT.EU reports from the climate summit in Copenhagen The party, and the – doubtless – costly chaos is on in Copenhagen. During Tuesday and Wednesday, CFACT co-sponsored a well attended seminar on Climate Sense, featuring knowledgeable and often eloquent speakers, including Professor S Fred Singer and world leading oceanographer Professor Nils-Axel Mörner. Both print and TV media […]

  • Copenhagen – Not So Open City

     By Einar Du Rietz A few days before the Copenhagen summit, both the hooligans and the police are mobilizing. The saboteurs are rounding up people on the Internet and claim to have assigned delegates to sabotage the proceedings. The Danish parliament has passed new anti hooligan legislation and bought new barbed wire cages, intended as […]

  • The Hypocritical Oath – Save Yourself – Blame the Media

    The leading energy company Vattenfall and it’s owner has been under attack recently. Einar Du Rietz tries to sort out the mess. One of the largest energy companies in Europe, Swedish state owned Vattenfall has come under heavy media attack recently, and so has the responsible minister for industry, Maud Olofsson. The main reason is […]

  • It’s Real Money – Your Money

    By Einar Du Rietz

    Maybe because most other topics seem to be covered and debated intensely in the media, finally some focus now start penny_1_bg_031303to fall upon the costs. The estimated and real costs for what the politicians will discuss in Copenhagen. And if media does this, chances are the general public will start to realize that they will have to pay.

    Much too often, the general perception in the climate debate seems to be that politicians ought to do more and that someone else will pick up the bill. Contributing to this perception is the, quite natural, difficulty in grasping the magnitude of large sums. As the common believe among surprisingly many Americans during the health care debate, that higher taxes should not finance this – it ought to be free!

  • If that’s Success – I’m in

     Einar Du Rietz is watching the President’s game, or is it Gameboy?

    Acting EU President Reinfeld has been busy the past two weeks, partly as he has declared the Copenhagen summit in December the most important event during his six month stint. So far, my congratulations go both to him and to his spin doctors.Chickenrace

    Last week, the EU leaders gathered to form a mandate before the summit. A mandate; not any obligations before Copenhagen. According to both the President’s staff and the media, the meeting was, in spite of immense difficulties, a success. Indeed it was. It was simply solved by giving the nine – out of 27 – dissenting countries – what they wanted. They now do not have to pledge to pay a euro cent in this billion euro project for the next ten years.

  • The Efficiency Battle is Won – Don’t Lose it

    The development in energy efficiency for appliances has been remarkable over the past decades, notes Einar Du Rietz. The best thing is not only the cost savings, but that not even a galloping increase in the amount of white goods in use in the world would harm the environment. Quite the opposite. However, the industry seems to be clamping straight into the governmental subsidy trap.Fridge

    Since the early 90’s, energy efficiency has been a major competitive driving force in the white goods industry, fuelled partly by compulsory labelling, but more importantly by the LCA/LCC (Life Cycle Analysis/Life Cycle Cost) connection. Or in less corporate language: The higher cost for a more expensive, efficient and thus with less environmental impact, appliance is covered by a smaller electricity bill. People may say that they make an environmental conscious decision when buying a new fridge, but in reality, they follow their wallet.

  • Let’s have more fun

    Fountain activist…and try to make sense. Einar Du Rietz is impressed by some activists creativity, but puzzled by the message.

    Let’s accept it. Historically, the left has always been the best in both finding ideas for, and carrying out, spectacular stunts. In the environmental debate, Greenpeace is still the undisputed champion, enough so to maintain huge funding. It even seems that after years of trespassing and hooliganism, they now even can afford to pay for the damage caused, as when they payed a substantial amount in damages for destroying a coral reef in the south east seas a few years ago.

  • Do You Really Want to Do This?

    Stakes are high before the Copenhagen summit. If not for the climate, at least for popularity, and some major players seem to be going all in, writes Einar Du Rietz.  US President Obama’s popularity ratings are not at an all time high. At least not in Copenhagen. When he dashed in recently on a seven […]