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  • Must See: IKEK4 Video Footage

    Last November’s 4th International Climate and Energy Conference (IKEK4) in Munich , Germany, co-hosted by CFACT and CFACT Europe, was without any doubt one of the highlights of the international struggle for more science and less politics in climate research. We could see many new faces among the panelists, speakers and participants from all over the world, as well […]

  • 4th International Conference on Climate and Energy (updated)

    Prof. Nir Shaviv at the 2010 International Climate and Energy Conference

    For the 4th time, the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), the Berlin Manhattan Institute, CFACT and a few others host an International Climate and Energy Conference, this time in in the Bavarian capital Munich, Nov. 25.-26 (program below).

    Renowned scientists such as Professors Svensmark, Shaviv, Veizer and Patzelt, as well as bestselling authors such as Donna Laframboise, Andrew Montford and Christopher Horner confirmed their participation. As in previous years, the event is going to be Europe’s no.1 meeting and debating point for climate and energy realists, bloggers, and their friends from all over Europe and beyond.

  • New publication: NIPCC vs. IPCC

    A new publication by S. Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia, came out last week. Its title: NIPCC vs. IPCC – Adressing the Disparity between Climate Models and Observations: Testing the Hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is meant to be an interim science update of the 2008-NIPCC-report. The base of the […]

  • German University of Leipzig Suppresses Climate-Critical Seminar

    Blatant censorship of dissenting scientific opinions on the subject of climate change and its causes is the post-modern trend. After recent attempts to ban the scientifically undesirable paper by renown scientists Spencer & Braswell and the ban of the climate-critical conference at the Belgian Society of European Engineers and Industrialists (SEII) by IPCC Vice Chair Prof. J. van Ypersele, the Faculty for Physics and Geosciences of the University of Leipzig, Germany, is the next to suppress open scientific debate.

    Last Tuesday, University of Leipzig science faculty dean Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haase barred a climate seminar organized by (his own) geography professor Werner Kirstein, as well as the use of an auditorium of his own institute (!) and participation by European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) Vice President Michael Limburg as one of the the main speakers. Fortunately the ban was later relaxed and the seminar was allowed to go ahead.

    The reason for originally having banned the seminar was a dissertation authored by Michael Limburg, which was critical of climate-science and was submitted to the faculty in March 2010. Two reviewers rejected the dissertation claiming, among other points, that it was inadequate. This is why Limburg was not welcome as a speaker, according to a letter from the Dean. The fact that the same dissertation had been recommended for acceptance by 4 other renowned professors went unmentioned by Haase. Limburg immediately challenged the ban.

    What was so inconvenient about Limburg’s dissertation?

    Under the supervision of Prof. Werner Kirstein, Limburg had written a dissertation that examined the quality of historical global temperature and sea level data in detail. His conclusions were damning. Using accepted rules for science and measurement, Limburg’s results showed that the datasets did not allow sea level and temperature change over the last 120-150 years to be determined anywhere near the alleged accuracies of millimetres or tenths of a degree Celsius respectively as claimed by the IPCC. The range of uncertainty, in both global mean temperature and sea level, is considerably greater than the total respective changes given by the IPCC. Every factor in attributing the possible causes of the changes was, at best, scientifically questionable.

  • Satellite Data Shows CO2 Not the Main Cause of Warming

    Dr. Roy Spencer

    Dr. Roy Spencer

    Finnish Flag in breeze zzDr. Roy Spencer in Helsinki

    Recent satellite evidence shows that computer climate models project too much future warming according to Dr. Roy Spencer who gave the first talk at a yearly meeting of climate realists in Finland coordinated by Dr. Boris Winterhalter.  Dr. Spencer is a resercher in meteorology and former Nasa climate scientist.    He explained that climate models are thrown off by a small amount of warming which results when extra atmospheric carbon dioxide reduces cloud cover

  • The Solar Cycle, Climate, Carbon and Crop Yields: EIKE Berlin

    On April 17th and 18th members of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) gathered at Humboldt University in Berlin for their annual meeting and to discuss the latest developments in climate research and policy. Participants agreed that the current climate debate serves the interests of energy companies and the makers of solar panel and wind turbines, but neglects sound science.

  • CFACT’s Presentation to the Paneuropa Youth Conference in Vienna

    HOLGER J. THUSS (Jena)

    On February 6th an audience of 80 assembled in the Miller Aicholz Conference Center in Vienna, Austria, to discuss the upcoming European Elections, and to listen to various prominent speakers addressing this year’s key event of EU politics. Most of the attendees so called PanAlp09 conference were students and young academics from 12 European countries, many of them activists of their own national branches of the Paneuropean youth movement.

  • Will the U.N. Chill Out on Climate Change?

    UN Bldg2 z10,000 people from 86 couPolish Flag zntries have descended upon Poznan, Poland for yet-another United Nations meeting on climate change. This time, it’s the annual confab of the nations that signed the original U.N. climate treaty in Rio in 1992. That instrument gave rise to the infamous 1996 Kyoto Protocol on global warming, easily the greatest failure in the history of environmental diplomacy.

    Kyoto was supposed to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide below 1990 levels during the period 2008-2012.

  • Germany Cancels Biofuel Plans

    Fears repercussions from angry motorists

    HOLGER J. THUSS (Jena)

    “ production may go down as one of the biggest blunders in history. An unholy alliance of environmentalists, agribusiness, biofuel corporations and politicians has been touting ethanol as the cure to all our environmental ills, when in fact it may be doing more harm than good. An array of unintended consequences is wreaking havoc on the economy, food production and, perhaps most ironically, the environment.“

    Cinnamon Stillwell, San Francisco Chronicle
    April 2, 2008

    Fuel Fill Green Car zBerlin — The German government officially reversed plans to impose controversial legislation that would have increased the mandatory ethanol and renewable additives content of gasoline and diesel to 10 percent, a law similar to the US Energy Policy Act of 2005. The government’s rescission was based on fears that imposing the new requirement would boost fuel prices substantially and provoke the ire of some 3 million German motorists.

  • The Truth About Organic Foods

    CFACT is proud to offer its German translation of Alex A. Avery’s The Truth About Organic Foods

    Two years ago, the the most talked about book on organic foods in over a decade was issued in English – now, with the support of CFACT Europe, it is available to the 100 Million or so German speaking consumers: Alex Avery’s The Truth About Organic Foods.

  • CFACT Europe issues new book – “The Climate Catastrophe – What Is It All About?”

    Continuing its growth as an important resource on environmental issues, CFACT Europe recently released its latest publication entitled The Climate Catastrophe – What Is It All About? The Nairobi Report on Climate Change, Climate Madness and Climate Hoax.  Click to purchase (German)

    This provocative booklet examines the latest political developments surrounding the issue of climate change and their relationship to the current state of climate science. It begins by exploring the question of whether there has been any substantial warming outside the range of natural variability (answer: no), continues by examining whether the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the last 100 years is a principle cause of global warming (answer: no) and concludes by discussing whether global warming would be a more of a bane or benefit if it should be proven true (answer: it depends!).

  • Report: Berlin Climate Conference

    Berlin Reichstag and FlagOn May 30, CFACT Europe, together with the European Institute for Climate and Energy and the German Free Market Institute (GFMI), hosted a conference on current climate affairs in Berlin (Germany). The high profile event was hosted by GFMI-Executive Officer Wolfgang Mueller and CFACT Europe’s executive director Dr. Holger Thuss and included presentations given by Dr. S. Fred Singer, the former President of the US Weather Satellite Service who also served as an IPCC reviewer, and Ernst Georg Beck, a lecturer and biologist from Freiburg (Germany).

  • Brussels: EPP Energy Seminar Shows Divide Between Old Europe & New

    Majority of participants disagree with panelists

    The timing was perfect. With much of Europe in the middle of a heated public debate regarding energy security and global warming, the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) — Europe’s largest alliance of political parties — together with the think tank European Ideas Network (EIN), jointly organized an important, high profile seminar on “Europe’s Energy Challenge”.

  • Potatoes to Diapers

    Green DiaperzTransgenic Potatoes Yield Sustainable Diapers


    A simple way to kill small talk (or exit a Christmas card list) is to declare that you’ll serve your guests genetically modified food and then explain your affection for biotechnologists work with transgenic plants.

    Many have heard that “dangerous” “gm” crops will allow killer tomatoes to escape Frankenstein’s laboratory to take over the earth.