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EPA rolling back Obama’s mercury rule

The Obama administration originally found that forcing coal-fired plants to use the mercury control technology would cost an estimated $9.6 billion a year — the most expensive clean air regulation. This cost was far higher than the expected annual health savings of $6 million. However, the administration was able to rack up these health saving numbers by enabling the MATS Rule, with co-benefits adding another $80 billion, according to The New York Times.

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Utility leader: New England headed for an energy ‘tipping point’

"The New England electricity market will rapidly worsen, requiring further out-of-market actions to adequately compensate generators in order to preserve grid reliability... State subsidies will beget reliability subsidies, driving consumer costs ever higher and doing away with future market-based investments for new or existing power generation."

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Who is EPA’s Andrew Wheeler?

Scott Pruitt’s departure leaves Andrew Wheeler as the acting administrator of the EPA for the foreseeable future, with much speculation as to how the former lobbyist and lawyer will run the agency.

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