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  • Three facts prove climate alarm is a scam

    1988 was a barn-burner year for climate alarmists. Then-Sen. Al Gore’s steamy congressional hearing trumpeted a planet on fire, and the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was created to produce pseudo-scientific evidence blaming it on unfair capitalist industrial prosperity-spawned CO2 emissions. Canadian Environment Minister Christine Stewart explained the real cause for urgency. She […]

  • Billionaire’s Club funds climate crisis propaganda

    An elite club of old and new money billionaires has created a subterranean, interlocking network of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government bureaucrats to control both the funding and the “spin” on high-level environmental topics, including climate change. Even if they do not succeed in shutting down the energy industry (and more), their efforts provide a stiff headwind against human progress.

  • CO2 ‘pollution’ is greening the planet

    CFACT advisor Larry Bell reports, “If there’s anything that climate crisis theology clerics hate more than fossil fuels, it’s got to be any glad tidings about CO2.” New research shows that the switch to fossil fuels preserved more forests to exchange CO2 for oxygen and also returning plant fertilizer to grow more food in the bargain. Thus, any attempt to REDUCE CO2 is counterproductive, given that CO2 boosts water use efficiency.

  • Climate alarm skeptics defend constitutional liberties

    The Left in America no longer makes even the slightest pretense of following the U.S. Constitution. Instead, they have undertaken a very public conspiracy to deprive opponents of their fraudulent schemes that include massive transfers of taxpayer dollars to crony, doomed to fail corporations using the RICO statute. One wonders why no state attorney general has not already initiated a RICO investigation against this climate cabal? They are the ones profiting from climate hysteria.

  • Obama targets electric grid for power grab

    Now the President Obama has made good on his promise to bankrupt the U.S. coal industry, he (and his potential successors Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) are poised to do likewise to the nation’s oil and gas and nuclear power industries. Given that neither solar nor wind power is 24-7 reliable, this will surely lead both to massive financial ruin and intermittent energy availability in many parts of a very crippled U.S. economy. Worst of all — this appears to be their vision, their goal — to bankrupt America and put an end to personal freedom in the process.

  • Alarmist sea level data may raise flood insurance

    Once again, politics interferes with real-world truth, and the losers will likely be beachfront homeowners and other property owners who will face astronomically higher flood insurance costs. NOAA’s “corrections” to suggest warming between a huge 1998 El Niño another big one last year contradict data provided by a large integrated network of Argo ocean buoys operated by the British Oceanographic Data Center in combination with satellite-enhanced data which reveal no statistically significant warming.

  • Obama’s war on oil strengthens our enemies

    The latest anti-fossil missile rolled out for launch in President Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget would add a $10 federal “fee” to the price of every barrel of domestic oil at a time when competing and hostile nations are hell-bent to drive struggling American producers out of business. Included are the Saudis, OPEC, Russia, and Iran, […]

  • Stats tampering puts NOAA in hot water

    Some 300 scientists are calling out the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for fraud, specifically suspiciously overheated climate temperature book-cooking, for issuing a non-peer-reviewed study for release conveniently in advance of UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris last December. NOAA ignored the large integrated network of Argo ocean buoys operated by the British Oceanographic Data Center in combination with satellite-enhanced data that revealed no statistical warming.

  • Censorship won’t win climate debate

    The irony here is that the same censors who are trying to stifle dissent from the warmist tyranny — and claim to be journalists and supporters of real science — also argue that the EPA’s so-called supporting data not be subjected to public scrutiny — perhaps because they KNOW that real data do not support the warmist positions.

  • Obama’s State of Confusion address on climate

    Facts do not matter to the climate alarmist. Nor do politicians and UN bureaucrats let the facts on climate variability get in the way of their zealous mission to take control of the U.S. economy and redistribute our wealth to world dictators (themselves included). Responsible scientists have professional and ethical obligations to express uncertainties and doubts. The real climate change “deniers” are those who don’t exercise active skepticism…not those who do.

  • 2016 will influence climate debate outcome

    The only real “change” that President Obama actually intends to accomplish under his climate change agenda is the destruction of the oil and gas, coal, and nuclear industries and any other related industries (chemicals, for one) that rely on these products. That, along with adding another half a million to a million people to the unemployment rolls (or rather, the never again to be employed rolls).

  • Desperate climate alarmists attack skeptics

    Americans are paying through the nose for climate alarmism that provides zero net environmental benefits and severely weakens the U.S. economy. Worse, the radicals are now demanding that anyone who opposes their idiocy be put in prison. These calls for censorship are acts of desperation.

  • Obama: Climate and ISIS now contained

    The year of the Big Hype continues, with President Obama and President-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton proclaiming that, in Paris, global warming has been curtailed thanks to a non-binding agreement that allows unfettered coal production and more by China, India, and a host of other nations who are also to become recipients of European and American cash — lots of it. Meanwhile, of course, ISIL (sic) has been fully contained, and any “evidence” (such as the San Bernadino murders) to the contrary is nothing more than workplace violence (this time against co-workers who must have given insensitive baby shower gifts).

  • Obama’s climate war ignores real threat from terror

    The backdrop of the UN IPCC climate summit in Paris is the terrorist attack less than a month ago that took over 120 lives and led to raids that have captured huge storehouses of weapons. President Obama does not consider heavily armed friends of the perpetrators of the Paris massacre to be a threat — but he does see climate change as the greatest opportunity to impose a top-down world government that will strip the U.S. and other developed nations of considerable wealth. Even the Department of Defense has been corrupted into backing this ridiculous agenda.

  • Climate change, not ISIS, is the “greatest threat” for Obama

    Paris is currently hosting a UN conference aimed at waging war on climate change little more than two weeks after suffering the largest terrorist attack experienced in France since 1944. Declared by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and other major administration players as the “greatest global threat,” we can only wonder how many […]

  • ‘Martin Act’ targets ExxonMobil for phony climate alarm

    The New York Attorney General is using an obscure 1921 law — originally aimed at stock-sale fraud — to attack ExxonMobil with threats of prison time for its principals. Some Democratic Congress members have demanded a Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department investigation of ExxonMobil in much the same way they went after the tobacco industry in the 1990s, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) wants a RICO investigation of the company. The only problem: the “Crime” they want ExxonMobil prosecuted for never happened except in the twisted minds of the would-be judges and juries.

  • Data tweaking heats up climate hype

    Executive Department agencies within the Obama Administration have tweaked historic real-world data 16 times in the past 3 years alone to try to hide the fact that there has been no global warming for nearly two decades and to falsely claim that the current temperatures are the highest on record. And why not? Billions of taxpayer dollars are funneled to those whose reports line up with the political agendas of the White House and others with a vested interest in “climate change.” In reality, these shenanigans should be rewarded with a loss of jobs and credibility.