By law, California high speed rail may be doomed to fail

By Ronald Stein It has been 10 years since passage of California Proposition 1A the High-Speed Rail Act that approved the $9.95 billion bond, a down payment on a high-speed rail project that was optimistically estimated by proponents at that time to cost $40 billion. Today, the California high-speed rail cost may approach $100 billion. Public enthusiasm is obviously dwindling.

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Give thanks that we no longer live on the precipice

Suddenly, a great miracle happened! Beginning around 1800, health, prosperity and life expectancy began to climb … slowly but inexorably at first, then more rapidly and dramatically. Today, the average American lives longer, healthier and better than even royalty did a mere century ago. How did this happen? What was suddenly present that had been absent before, to cause this incredible transformation?

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Silicon Valley and free speech

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, four of the world’s ten largest market cap corporations are Silicon Valley companies and two of the remaining ten largest are Chinese information tech companies. How does that power impact civil liberties?

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