1511, 2018

Unfounded fears about synthetic pesticides

By Steve Goreham. Our modern society suffers from “chemophobia." Will insects eat our crops or people? Scientific evidence shows that everyday exposure to synthetic pesticides is negligible and that widespread pesticide fears are unfounded.

1311, 2018

Is California becoming a national security risk?

By Ron Stein California is the fifth largest economy in the world. By trying to force its climate and energy policies on the nation, California may be putting the U.S. at national security risk.

2010, 2018

How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

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By Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris -- Almost single-handedly, climate change evangelist and multi-millionaire Al Gore launched the scare that has frightened and depressed generations of school children and pushed normally sensible politicians into drastic, expensive and ultimately futile actions to “save the planet” by stopping climate change.

1910, 2018

Apollo astronaut takes on UN climate report

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Flat Earthers? Moon landing deniers? Check with the team who planted America's flag on the moon. They saw the curvature of the Earth from a unique vantage point. They left their footprints in the lunar soil. Their credibility is undeniable.