EPA’s Tower of Pisa policies

As dangerous as current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and her former colleague Al Amendariz were, recent revelations indicate that two other EPA officials -- convicted felon John Beale and Robert Brenner -- may have been much worse. The pair concocted the sue-and-settle scheme that provides virtual kickbacks to "friendly" plaintiffs. They also manipulated scientific studies and even authorized illegal experiments on human test subjects to "justify" extremely stringent EPA regulations that slow or reverse business development -- and now the EPA claims it cannot find the scientific data upon which some major job-killing rules were supposedly based.

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EPA seeks to punish drivers (again) via its Tier 3 regulations

Citizens need to tell EPA: “The huge improvements to date are enough for now. We have other crucial health, environmental, employment and economic problems to solve – which also affect human health and welfare. We don’t have the financial, human or technological resources to do it all – especially to waste billions on something where the quantifiable health benefits payback is minimal, or even zero.”

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Chinese air episode exposes EPA fraud on PM 2.5 levels

EPA claims that fine particulate matter at levels above 12 micrograms per cubic meter kills people within hours and causes a quarter of all U.S. deaths, but during a recent episode in China when fine PM levels were 89 times higher than the EPA standard, the only deaths attributed to the episode were from traffic accidents due to poor visibility. EPA is using this fraud to shut down coal power plants, creating higher energy costs that really do cause premature deaths among America's poor.

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Reaffirming the cornerstone of freedom

Freedom 21, of which CFACT was a co-founding organization, is a coalition of groups that came together, quite literally, in the waning days of the last century, to build a domestic and international movement that could promote freedom as the guiding principle for the 21st Century and beyond.

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