How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

By Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris -- Almost single-handedly, climate change evangelist and multi-millionaire Al Gore launched the scare that has frightened and depressed generations of school children and pushed normally sensible politicians into drastic, expensive and ultimately futile actions to “save the planet” by stopping climate change.

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What natural disasters should teach us

Ugandan author Steven Lyazi scoffs at the chiding and covert racism of wealthy environmental advocates who live in luxury but demand a lower quality lifestyle for Africans. He points the finger at the Club of Rome for banning DDT once they realized that Africans not dying from malaria and other diseases would live longer and have more children. His words echo the toothless declarations that sustainable development restrictions should not apply to the very poor.

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The antidote to Al Gore

Unlike Gore's unscientific climate narrative, Climate Hustle is grounded in solid facts that expose the global warming con game like no movie before or since. Now available on iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Steam, Christian Cinema and more!

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Proposal for a most inconvenient movie on climate

CFACT policy analyst Larry Bell rehashes the Enron scandal and the linkage between chief climate alarmist Al Gore, Gore's fellow traveler Tim Wirth, and the late Ken Lay of Enron ... all of whom lost big when the U.S. Senate refused by a 95-0 vote to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Despite the Enron failure, Gore managed to fearmonger his way into multiple millions for his own mammoth houses.

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