GOP should seek fraud charges against Al Gore

This is the same very wealthy former Senator and Vice President Al Gore who has lobbied Congress for carbon cap-and-trade legislation which would have provided huge windfall benefits to his London-based hedge fund called Generation Investment Management (GIM) that he co-founded with former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management David Blood.

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“Climate Hustle” demolishes climate alarmism

Without presenting it to the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution, President Obama has signed the Paris climate treaty. He is already using it to further obligate the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions, and economic growth … control our lives, livelihoods, living standards, and liberties … and redistribute our wealth. Poor, minority, and working class families will suffer most. China, India, and other "developing" economies are under no such obligation, unless and until it is in their interest to do so. For them, compliance is voluntary – and they cannot afford to eliminate the [...]

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Suing into submission

According to Mark Twain, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Now six state attorney generals (AG) have banded together to do something about it by initiating governmental legal prosecution. Can a modern “Reign of Terror” be far behind? These AGs claim a climate conspiracy implying that investors are unaware that climate changes may impact corporate investments, and have committed to using the power of the state to solve it. In early November 2015, Exxon Mobil was targeted by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman pursuing a legal case based on claimed similarities to the [...]

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The American people aren’t stupid enough to buy the manmade climate crisis narrative

The American people are increasingly not buying into the global warming (er, climate change) scary scenarios, but the Green Left, led by Al Gore, is responding by turning up the heat -- and increasingly seeking to silence opposition they cannot control. That this is a losing technique escapes notice because they believe that nobody cares enough about stopping them to resist and overcome the firings, threats of prison time, and even worse from the shrill sirens of statism.

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Global warming hysteria, the “acid rain” scare, and other money-making megamyths!

Professor Larry Bell lays out a history of corrupted science dating to the acid rain scare that enriched companies through the sale of sulfur dioxide credits -- and the desire of companies like Enron, politicians like Al Gore, and richly rewarded scientists like James Hansen to equally profit from the sale of carbon dioxide credits. He further shows how these profiteers have fed their greed through false linkages between hurricanes and glaciers and carbon dioxide emissions. The hope is that the "man in the street" will be fed up with these charlatans before they do permanent damage to the reputation of good science everywhere.

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Fuel loads — not climate change — are making Australia’s bushfires more severe

While Al Gore and UN climate chief Christina Figueres insist that Austalia's repeal of its oppressive carbon tax is somehow linked to recent forest fires there, the truth -- as documented by CFACT Advisor Dr. David Evans -- is that UN-style forest management policies have left heavy fuel load (fallen trees and brush traditionally harvested by locals -- a practice now forbidden) is the major contributor to these fires being hotter and lasting longer.

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Senate hearing proves Obama is lying about “climate change”

Spencer pointed out: “The magnitude of global-average atmospheric warming between 1997 and 2012 is only about 50% that predicted by the climate models.… The level of warming in the most recent 15-year period is not significantly different from zero, despite this being the period of greatest greenhouse gas concentration. This is in stark contrast to claims that warming is ‘accelerating.’”

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Fitting the science to the theory on climate change!

Although “climate” is generally associated with periods of at least three decades, less than one and one-half decades following mid-1970s “scientific” predictions that the next Ice Age was rapidly approaching, the media trumpeted a new and opposite alarm…a man-made global warming crisis.

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Gore Effect strikes global warming rally

The Gore Effect lives on! Sunday's D.C. climate rally, hosted by Sierra Club and, was afflicted with unusually cold weather. CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, was on the scene as part of CFACT's Light Brigade counter-protest.

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