• Two studies lessen concerns of Antarctic warming

         “Higher average temperatures result in the melting of glaciers, in ice being discharged into the oceans from the ice caps of Antarctica.”      So stated Al Gore in his well-known book, Earth in the Balance. Indeed for years, many have been echoing similar alarms about the state of the Antarctic, claiming that rising temperatures […]

  • Shifting Arctic ice shifts global warming debate

         Is the ice covering the North Pole melting?     Well, according to many global warming proponents, the answer is most assuredly “Yes,” and for over a decade now they have been regularly voicing concern about an impending ice melt.     But now comes new research by the Institute of Ocean Sciences of Canada that may put the […]

  • Questioning global warming evidence

        From the beginning of its debate, the issue of global warming has included discussion about the possibility of melting ice-caps. Lately, though, old studies are being re-examined, and now it seems as though it is the science, not the frozen H20, that can?t take the heat.     For instance, in one study published in […]

  • Examining China’s emissions claims

         When the Bush administration withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol, howls of protest emerged from all over the world – especially China. This is because the Chinese government was claiming it was reducing its use of fossil fuels even at a great cost to its economy, so why couldn’t the U.S. do the same?     Indeed, […]

  • Cloudy days ahead for global climate models

         For years, those critical of computer models suggesting a warming of the earth’s temperature were ridiculed as “nay Sayers” and “flat-earthers”. Global Climate Models (a.k.a. GCMs), believed many, can be relied upon with certainty to predict future global warming.     Now comes new research suggesting the “nay Sayers” may not be flat-earthers, but flat-out right thinkers.     […]

  • New predictions of warming lack scientific basis

         Recently,  the Washington Post ran a high-profile story about the state of climate science. On January 23rd, the paper’s headline succinctly read:     “Scientists Issue Dire Prediction of Warming.”     In brief, the article discusses how scientists from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have reported new data showing the earth’s temperature increasing 10.4 degrees […]

  • New book examines EPA’s clean air regs

    By Michael Fumento The following is excerpted from Mr. Fumento’s book, Polluted Science: The EPA’s Campaign to Expand Clean Air Regulations Call it the November Surprise.  Three weeks after President Clinton secured his second term, the EPA unveiled proposals for sweeping new standards that will once again ratchet down the amount of air pollution allowed […]

  • CFACT briefing paper on clean air

    CFACT Briefing Paper #103 For much of this century clean air has been a public concern.  Many are troubled by the health impacts smog, soot and other airborne particles are alleged to cause.  Most Americans, to be sure, are happy to see regulatory limits placed on machines, factories, and autos that are responsible for such […]

  • Cleaner air diminishes need for major new regs

    The day is like any other in the tiny Swiss village of Blumisalpen.  The rising sun is glistening off the fresh covering of just-fallen snow, and as he has done nearly every morning for the last fifty years, Dr. Jean Pereault is stopping in at the bakery before heading over to open the doors of […]

  • Shoveling out the facts of global warming

     Usually when you say something foolish, it’s only your friendsand family you have to worry about avoiding when the chickens comehome to roost.  But every now and then, a bone-headed blunder hangsout there for the whole world to see.      Such was the case when Britain’s Neville Chamberlainpronounced “peace in our time” shortly before Hitler’s […]