Bob Carter — Champion of science and friend

Respected climatologist Bob Carter has died at 74 years of age. Bob worked in paleoclimatology, the study of past climate. His knowledge in this field informed his conclusion that scientific data does not support the UN's claims of catastrophic man-made global warming. He will be dearly missed.

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Australia smacks down climate lobby’s scare mongering

While many are celebrating (and others condemning) Australia's vote to repeal its carbon tax, Marita Noon points out that the country's Renewable Energy Target must also be repealed in order to reverse the 70% increase in Australian energy bills that has come from this infatuation with "Green" policies.

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Australia’s John Howard: One religion is enough

In his recent lecture before The Global Warming Foundation in London, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard addresses the "sanctimonious tone" of many to whom global warming has become a "substitute religion." An overriding feature of the debate, he notes, is the constant attempt to intimidate policy makers into following the party line that "the science is settled," when it is not. Rather than try to limit growth, Howard said, economists need to recognize that the world will have up to 2.2 billion new middle class consumers by 2030, and we need to provide goods and services for this emergent class.

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Fuel loads — not climate change — are making Australia’s bushfires more severe

While Al Gore and UN climate chief Christina Figueres insist that Austalia's repeal of its oppressive carbon tax is somehow linked to recent forest fires there, the truth -- as documented by CFACT Advisor Dr. David Evans -- is that UN-style forest management policies have left heavy fuel load (fallen trees and brush traditionally harvested by locals -- a practice now forbidden) is the major contributor to these fires being hotter and lasting longer.

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