• Climategate 3.0 “Mr. FOIA’s” full message

    Read Mr. FOIA’s message.

    Climategate 3.0 is set to rock the global warming establishment. 220,000 encrypted emails which document what goes on behind the scenes at team global warming are suddenly decrypted and free for the public to view. What they reveal is not pretty. How unsettling.

    Who is this masked FOIA and how can we thank him?

  • Scary Monsters

    During my years in the climate debate, I’ve been called all sorts of things. Climate Hater, Weather Denier, to mention a few. Apparently all climate realists are now also “Anti-Science”, and according to Robin McKie, writing for the Observer, though this article  was found in our fanzine The Guardian, people are getting scared. “Most scientists, on […]

  • Yet Another Panel

    When I was a kid, we were told that pollution was the worst threat to the world. This pollution was also supposed to be caused by greedy capitalists. The absolute environmental catastrophes behind the iron curtain were yet to be witnessed. And all resources would end. According to the figures I was taught in school […]

  • Remember Remember – Last November

    by Einar Du Rietz How can we ever forget the Climate-gate scandal that erupted right in time for the Copenhagen debacle. Or fail to note that, interestingly enough, some of the more stunning revelations – Holland-gate etc – were made just after the conference. Now, during the count down for Cancun, it’s worth the effort to […]

  • Climagte Changes – Scholarship Doesn’t


    Einar Du Rietz is happy to introduce his old tutor as a guest at CFACT.EU.

    So entrenched is the belief in global warming in academia that even when critiquing its adherents, academics still feel compelled to pay it homage. “The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] does a very good job of reporting the climate science,” Yale economist Robert Mendelsohn told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on Friday, September 24, 2010. “It is a problem that will accumulate for centuries.”

    “Ignoring it will leave you looking like Neville Chamberlain,” the ill-fated Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1930s, who attempted to appease Adolf Hitler. I asked him and his co-panelists why they did not mention the Climategate scandal in which e-mails show that global warming alarmists attempted to “hide the decline” in temperatures that occurred over the past two decades.

  • Lord Monckton Responds to Prof. Abraham

    Many readers of this site have been following the controversy caused when Prof. John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas posted a lengthy video critique of a speech delivered by CFACT Advisor, Lord Christopher Monckton last October in St. Paul Minnesota. Here is Lord Monckton’s freshly issued, detailed written response to Prof. Abraham in […]

  • The Hockey Season is Over

    by Einar Du Rietz

    …and the famous/infamous hockey stick got stowed away long before the latest world championship even started. Then occasionally picked out again.

    The IPCC took out the hockey stick graph from two of their last reports. Somehow, it managed to creep back into the report submitted before Copenhagen, apparently picked up by one of the assistants, from Wikipedia.

    Now, even the inventor of this symbol, Michael Mann, concedes that it was, if not altogether wrong, at least “misplaced”. In an BBC interview  summarized in the British Daily Telegraph by reporter Louise Gray, he concludes that “I always thought it was somewhat misplaced to make it a central icon of the climate change debate.”

  • Washington Times: Global Warming’s weak links

    Delegates from around the world gather in Bonn this weekend to chart the future of a new global-warming treaty they hope to sign in Mexico this fall or in South Africa in 2011 at the latest. This treaty would lock our nation into massive new taxation, regulation, subsidies and redistribution; take unprecedented control of our economy; and radically alter our way of life.

  • Sound Science or Dirty Politics

    by Einar Du Rietz

    University of East Anglia

    Exonerated, is a beautiful word. It means that all your trouble are gone and you can go back to sleep, with no accusations hanging over your head. Consequently, it is also frequently used in the comments after the UK parliamentary committee delivered its report on Professor Jones’ responsibility for the strange events at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University. The problems with Climategate are instead described as a lack of routines and a culture of secrecy, something the panel advises CRU to do something about. Note that this is only about the E-mails at East Anglia, not the peculiar coincidence that all the other mistakes made by IPCC  were only detected after the Copenhagen Climate Chaos.

    However, the panel also voices understanding over Jones, most likely being frustrated about handing over data to climate sceptics who just want to undermine his research. Is this a university or a political youth organisation?

  • Der Spiegel: A superstorm for global warming research

    “An entire branch of science is in crisis.” Der Spiegel has posted an in-depth article on the UN IPCC’s fall from grace as people around the world examine the exaggerations, mistakes and manipulations of climate science. Can the global warming propaganda machine go back to saying whatever it wants and suppressing all dissent?  If the […]

  • Global Warming, Post Normal Science Fake

    What a pity that my book ‘Eco-Nihilism’, published in 2007 in Germany, has never been translated in English, because you can find there a special sub-chapter on the dangers of ‘Post Normal Science’ (PNS). Recently James Delingpole in the British ‘Spectator’ and in his ‘Telegraph’-Blog  found that the concept of PNS, developed already in 1991 by Marxist Philosophers Silvio Funtowicz and Jerome Ravetz, was probably the basis of the Global Warming deception that was revealed, last November,through the publication of confidential e-Mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (‘Climategate’).

  • With Adversaries Like This – You Don’t Need Friends

    The IPCC report and work will undergo an independent review. It’s not a minute too soon, but neither is it too late. The debate will continue and most certainly will myths and false science continue to spread. The problem, as many sensible commentators have pointed out (a recent, rather objective summary with links is here) is not that mistakes were made. They are bound to occur in any scientific work. The problem is that the report was used as an argument to claim that “the Debate is Over”. And, of course that politicians frantically rushed in to spend other people’s money.

    Some commentators don’t see it that way at all, but instead take all criticism as a personal insult. The examples are numerous, but the most blatant one I’ve found so far is from an otherwise classical liberal, sensible editorial page in a Swedish newspaper. (In Swedish, but you have to trust my summary, or use Google translator). The headline is, basically, “Wipe that smile of your faces – sceptics”.

  • Someone Will Have to Pay Somehow

    by Einar Du Rietz

    Greenpeace International has now issued a statementsaying that they do not support the earlier demand by their UK chief that IPCC Chair, Dr Pachauri resigns. And besides, their executive director UK John Sauven was probably misunderstood by the Times. And in spite of the record cold winter, it’s hard to find snow in Vancouver.

    Well well, when the going gets tough, unite behind the guy up front. At lease for a while.

    Greenpeace also includes a rather well written list of all the “gates” recently, complete with an etymological and historic explanation. For some reason, the false claims about the polar beers, which their colleague organization WWF International already has refuted, or the mysterious “Hockey Stick” that whas removed from earlier IPCC reports, but somehow crept back in with the last report before Copenhagen, are not listed.