Senator completely debunks Macron’s Paris Climate Accord claims

Exempting China and India from abiding to the non-binding deal is one of the main reasons why greenhouse gas emission are pitching upward, Environmental rules in the U.S. are causing companies to shift production to countries not tethered to the accord’s strict provisions.

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Supreme Court to Obama Administration: You cannot rewrite laws to achieve your political agenda

Marita Noon cites the recent Supreme Court decision in Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as providing a cause for litigation against the EPA's proposed regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The key sentences in Justice Antonin Scalia's opinion are these: "When an agency claims to discover in a long-extant statute an unheralded power to regulate 'a significant portion of the American economy' . . . we typically greet its announcement with a measure of skepticism. We expect Congress to speak clearly if it wishes to assign an agency decisions of vast 'economic and political significance'.”

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