Thank a cow for cooling the planet

Although you may not wish to share a crowded elevator with a flatulent bovine friend, at least express a little gratitude that he/she is helping to protect the planet from dreaded global warming. A significant but media-ignored 2013 report published in the journal Nature concluded that livestock greenhouse gas “excretions” may tend to cool, not heat up, temperatures. Titled “Molecular understanding of sulphuric acid-amine particle nucleation in the atmosphere," the report concludes that the ammonia-laden content contributes in creating cloud cover which reflects daytime solar infrared energy back to space. Although the clouds also hold heat near the surface at night, [...]

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The methane hoax cranks up!

What with the failure of the war on carbon dioxide to take hold, anti-energy zealots had to find another enemy -- and this time, the enemy is methane from cow farts. The U.S. dairy industry is about to be besieged as viciously as the coal and oil and gas industries have been smeared and demonized even since the U.S. Senate rejected the Kyoto protocols. This war will get ugly before most Americans even realize it is happening, or that their prosperity is the chief target.

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