• Reversing the burden of spoof

    by Jacob Arfwedson

    One of the less endearing features of government supporters is their general disdain for democracy when eventually popular vote goes against their designs. The legitimacy of consent suddenly becomes irrelevant and a downright nuisance. In Europe, we experienced this in the constitutional negotiations: first with the Maastricht Treaty, and more recently with the Lisbon Treaty: referenda were held twice in Denmark (1992) and not so long ago in Ireland. Voters finally got it “right”.


    The same logic applies to Kyoto and in particular to the upcoming Copenhagen summit and the expected new treaty, i.e. a “deal”. It is then not surprising that advocates seem appalled that the US Constitution requires a vote by Congress to ratify it.

  • It’s Real Money – Your Money

    By Einar Du Rietz

    Maybe because most other topics seem to be covered and debated intensely in the media, finally some focus now start penny_1_bg_031303to fall upon the costs. The estimated and real costs for what the politicians will discuss in Copenhagen. And if media does this, chances are the general public will start to realize that they will have to pay.

    Much too often, the general perception in the climate debate seems to be that politicians ought to do more and that someone else will pick up the bill. Contributing to this perception is the, quite natural, difficulty in grasping the magnitude of large sums. As the common believe among surprisingly many Americans during the health care debate, that higher taxes should not finance this – it ought to be free!

  • Gone With the Wind: Carbon Millionaires Arrested for Fraud

    Wind Turbine from belowItalian Wind Fraud Investigation Extends to the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, and Spain.  Subsidies Questioned.

    For some carbon millionaires, lining their pockets legally through taxpayer subsidies and hand outs is not enough.  They choose to cheat even though they’re playing a game that’s already rigged.

  • Al Gore Carbon Billionaire?

    The Daily Telegraph reports that Al Gore is poised to become the world’s first carbon billionaire. Have consumers lined up to buy the former Vice-President’s products and services?  It appears, rather, that most of Mr. Gore’s new wealth will flow to him from government grants and subsidies. Do we really want to tax working people […]

  • All Pain No Gain

    Money JarThe reality behind American Cap and Trade

    PAUL DRIESSEN (Washington)

    What is Cap and Trade?

    To address concerns that global warming threatens our planet, activists and politicians are pushing for a “cap-and-trade” program that would limit and tax carbon dioxide released by power plants, cars, factories and other facilities. It is a very complicated regulatory scheme that penalizes businesses and people who use energy or electricity generated from oil, gasoline, natural gas and coal (fossil fuels).

  • Statue of Liberty Returning to France?

    Statue-of-Liberty z
    France-map-flag-colored zIn recent years, a number of pro-free-market think tanks and taxpayer associations have been formed in France, and their effectiveness and impact clearly are increasing. These groups include Institut Economique Molinari, the Institute for Economic Studies-Europe, Institut de Formation Politique, Contribuables Associes (French Taxpayers Association), etc.
    In part because of their efforts, France has sharply reduced its corporate income-tax rate so it is lower than the U.S. rate.
  • EU-Commissioners Verheugen & Potocnik address EU Liberal Youth Congress

    LYMEC calls on Europe to rise to the challenge of globalization

    Around 150 representatives of various European liberal youth organizations gathered in Berlin this past weekend at the annual congress of LYMEC, their European umbrella organization. Top speakers included EU-Commissioners Verheugen (Enterprise and Industry) and Potocnik (science and research).

  • Third European Resource Bank: Vienna

    Vienna Mozart MemorialDr. HOLGER THUSS (Wien)

    “Taxpayer and Environment Issues are Intertwined,” Dr. Thuss says.

    CFACT EUROPE’s Executive Director participated in the Third European Resource Bank Meeting, held in cooperation with the Annual Meeting of the World Taxpayer Associations from June 29 – July 2 in Vienna, Austria. The meetings bring together taxpayer and free market activists from around the globe to share ideas and strategy.

    “The interests of taxpayers and free market environmentalists throughout the world are interwoven. Wrong tax policies and counterproductive environmental measures often go hand in hand,” Dr. Thuss said. “Sharing our experiences of resisting red tape and high taxes is therefore very important.”