Dear Mr. President: Please exit Paris

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul K. Driessen -- with colleague Mark J. Carr -- explain in an open letter to President Trump five major reasons to exit the Paris climate agreement -- which was designed to cripple the U.S. economy and enrich elitists while devastating the ability of the world's poor to escape poverty.

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Congress, courts must help Trump drain EPA swamp

The Trump Administration has an opportunity to reverse overreach by the EPA and other federal agencies -- but Congress and even the Courts have a role to play, according to CFACT policy advisor Larry Bell. Indeed. even the simplest actions by the Pruitt-led EPA or the Trump Administation in general will likely be challenged in federal courts by those with vested interests in the status quo.

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Will climate alarmism abate as disaster fails to materialize?

CFACT advisor Larry Bell asks the rhetorical question -- Will the climate fanatics tone down their rhetoric given the lack of evidence of climate catastrophe? Indeed, though nearly every single fear-filled prediction of theirs has failed to occur, they will not be shamed into silence as long as the worldwide "science" community enjoys the financial benefits of parroting the party line.

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A serious climate opportunity

Greg Walcher, a former secretary of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, argues that forests provide the world’s greatest resource for cleaning CO2 out of the atmosphere. Rotting and fires themselves emit greenhouse gases, but atmospheric CO2 makes all plants grow faster and better and with improved tolerance to drought. Thus, it is vital that the U.S. must reverse policies that oppose logging, tree thinning, and other management necessary for healthy forests.

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Scott Pruitt tapped to reform EPA

Scott Pruitt's principled stands as Oklahoma's Attorney General against such follies as Obama's misnamed "Clean Power Plan" and his reasoned skepticism of climate alarmism indicate he knows the difference between radical Green ideology and genuine environmentalism.

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Now comes the hard, fun, and vital part

The election of Donald Trump provides an excellent opportunity to rein in the EPA and other federal regulatory agencies that have joyfully far exceeded their constitutional and statutory mandates and done more to stifle the growth of the U.S. economy than any other arm of government. Cleaning house at the EPA, according to CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen, will by itself do much to jumpstart the U.S. economy.

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The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

There has been no clearer comparison between capitalism and socialism than the two Germanys that were created at the end of World War II -- socialist/communist East Germany, under Soviet hegemony, and capitalist West Germany, with strong ties to Western Europe and the United States. Clearly, West Germany's capitalist system produced better results for its people -- and only recently have East Germans begun to prosper after many years of freedom.

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GOP should seek fraud charges against Al Gore

This is the same very wealthy former Senator and Vice President Al Gore who has lobbied Congress for carbon cap-and-trade legislation which would have provided huge windfall benefits to his London-based hedge fund called Generation Investment Management (GIM) that he co-founded with former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management David Blood.

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Graduates face a big challenge

As they don caps and gowns, endure commencement speeches, and take their diplomas, many high school and college graduates face bleak prospects in an economy that grew a dismal 0.5% the first quarter. The United States added a meager 160,000 new non-farm jobs in April, a paltry 4,000 of them in manufacturing. First quarter 2016 averaged just 203,000 jobs per month. The labor force participation rate remains stuck at an abysmal 63% – meaning 93 million working age Americans are still unemployed. Many who are working hold multiple jobs to make ends meet, while others are toiling at temporary, part-time or [...]

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‘Green’ evangelicals disguise anti-life policies as pro-life, perpetuating suffering and death

By E. Calvin Beisner, Janice Shaw Crouse, and Austin Ruse The evangelical “creation care” movement professes to be pro-life and, for the most part, rightly so. But some creation care advocates give reason to wonder. Case in point: the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) recently launched a “Pro-Life Clean Energy Campaign,” promising to “organize half a million pro-life Christians to participate” in efforts to curb pollution by demanding a switch from fossil fuels to wind and solar. It calls this campaign “pro-life” and says it will “free our children from pollution all across America with 100% clean electricity from renewable resources by [...]

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Campaign 2016: nobody cares about climate change

Frustrated that nobody seems to care about climate change, “the country’s biggest individual political donor during the 2014 election cycle,” has pledged even more in 2016. Tom Steyer spent nearly $75 million in the 2014 midterms, reports Politico. He intends to “open his wallet even wider” now. But just what do his millions get him in this “crucial election”? Based on history, not much. In 2014, his NextGen Climate Action group specifically targeted seven races. Only three went his way—to Democrats. In Iowa, the group “invested in billboards and television and radio, newspaper, and webads,” to target Republicans and “agitate for more [...]

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EPA ruled by cherry-picking junk science

Mounting evidence that the EPA falsifies and misconstrues evidence and ignores contrary scientific studies in order to justify its outrageous, harmful regulations. CFACT analyst Larry Bell says the time has come to regelate the EPA to the boneyard and return environmental decision making to state regulators.

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Big oil lies low on climate debate

Because big companies today have learned that they are "too big to fail," even the oil and gas companies whose businesses are under attack from the Green Left are for the most part unwilling to publicly challenge the false and misleading assumptions upon which Green mis-eonomics is based -- or even the strangling regulations that they will have to abide by. The chief reason: They can pass on costs to consumers and they do not want the negative regulatory attention that resistance to bureaucratic fiat can bring.

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Supreme Court could alter Obamacare, EPA

CFACT advisor Larry Bell talks about ObamaCare and the EPA -- and how the Supreme Court, to the surprise of many, is going to listen to pleas that the EPA must consider the economic impact of its rules as part of an overall package.

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