What is ethical energy and why aren’t the candidates talking about it?

From Ron Arnold's article in The Washington Examiner: "To get some perspective on this exchange, I called Marc Morano, communications director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a positive voice on environment and development issues. Morano told me about his Climate Depot project and its current campaign, 'Ethical Energy.'"

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Take back our environment for Earth Day!

Earth Day is here again. I'm sure we can expect the same old green blarney that sets your teeth on edge. Yet, it would be a shame if we let tired propaganda distract us from some essential truths. We share a passion for America. Conservation is a natural for conservatives. Preserving the beauty of our land is a duty for those of us who love liberty. Passing our country and our planet down to our children, as good or better than we found it is hardwired into our bones. How did we let this sacred obligation be co-opted? How did we let the big government crowd make our environment their ruse de guerre?

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