Gullible Green sailors trapped in the Arctic

The risks run by the Arctic boaters are obvious. Modern society is running less obvious risks based on the same sort of naïve advice coming from the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and a host of like-minded “saviors of the planet.” What about the poor and elderly Britons and Germans who have frozen to death in their homes because they couldn’t afford the higher costs of gas and electricity imposed by “renewable fuels”? What about the millions of Third World mothers and children who die of lung diseases every year as it is politically incorrect to give them access to tiny amounts of kerosene for heating and cooking. The alternative is burning dung and charcoal in indoor, poorly ventilated fires.

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Showdown with Sir Richard Branson

                    Words flew as CFACT’s Craig Rucker and Sir Richard Branson squared off at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil. Surrounded by Greenpeace activists, Branson was leaving the Greenpeace press conference just as Rucker was entering for CFACT’s press event. Rucker seized the opportunity to confront the globe-trotting, fossil fuel-burning Branson about his unlikely position on global warming. “Sir, do you support the European carbon tax on your own planes going from the United States to Europe?” Rucker asked. Clearly surprised, Branson responded that he would prefer it be an “international tax, [...]

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CFACT drops the banner on Greenpeace ships

(Copenhagen, Denmark, December 16, 2009) Global warming skeptics from CFACT yesterday pulled off an international climate caper using GPS triangulation from Greenpeace's own on-board camera photos to locate and sail up long-side of the infamous Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior. Then in Greenpeace-like fashion, the CFACT activists unfurled a banner reading "Propaganda Warrior" which underscored how the radical green group’s policies and agenda are based on myths, lies, and exaggerations. Earlier in the day the activists daringly boarded Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise with neither stealth nor force, but by baffling the crew with doughnuts, and unfurled a banner that read “Ship of Lies” [...]

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Monkcton crashes Greenpeace Protest

Carefully edited for your viewing pleasure, we bring you this video of Lord Christopher Monckton as he singlehandedly gets whole bunch of Greenpeace activists to admit the obvious . His tactic is an overwhelming amount of facts combined with the scientific method. And if you, like Christopher Monckton, are convinced the Cap and Trade regime is based on lousy science please sign our petition, All Pain No Gain, to prevent it from happening.

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Lord Monckton meets Greenpeace

Sign the petition! Lord Christopher Monckton talks to a protester at the second International Climate Conference in Berlin co-sponsored by CFACT and several European think tanks.

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Craig Rucker meets Greenpeace

CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker interviews Greenpeace activists who protest at the second International Climate Conference in Berlin co-sponsored by CFACT and several European think tanks Sign our petition:

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