Carbon dioxide deserves gratitude, not disdain

Carbon dioxide levels are not at all high -- they have been much higher in the past. Indeed, we are very fortunate to be living at a time of relative warmth, rather than during a little or especially a full-on ice age. Some leading scholars believe we are on the verge of another cold period - one that would be exacerbated by any cuts in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Meanwhile, demonizing this vital natural plant nutrient as pollution is not just absurd, it is anti-humanity.

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Science, free speech, and the courts

Michael Mann is suing The National Review, commentator Mark Steyn, and others, claiming their truthful reporting on his shenanigans in creating the false image of a hockey stick to purportedly show massive human influence on climate. According to Charles C. W. Cooke, writing in the current issue of National Review, Mann is assertying "a narrow form of libel that American law prohibits." Hopefully, the Court will agree.

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Global warming’s tree ring circus brings us the costliest show on Earth

In the beginning Stephen Schneider believed in global cooling - then he flipped 180 degrees, rendering his global cooling book useless. Michael Mann invented the hockey stick to "prove" human-caused global warming, yet cherry-picked his tree rings and cheated on his data -- as did Phil Jones and friends in East Anglia. Yet their sins may have been equaled by the phony hearings conducted at Penn State and in the United Kingdom that ignored nearly all of the evidence except that presented by the guys on the griddle. No wonder the world is laughing!

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