Trump election chills Kerry’s Antarctic trip

CFACT polic advisor Larry Bell notes that the only real heating in the Antarctic is very likely due to volcanic activity below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry took his last official trip to Antarctica -- to try to cool down the Trump phenomenon that is threatening the wealth and power of the UN and worldwide climate alarm industry.

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John Kerry targets your air conditioner

CFACT Advisor Larry Bell reports that Secretary of State John Kerry is continuing his assault on sanity through his ridiculous diatribes on climate change. Now he wants to ban air conditioning (most likely only for the poor and middle class, though). Meanwhile, Kerry and his pals are still celebrating killing half a million jobs formerly generated by the U.S. coal industry.

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Powerful anti-fossil energy lobbies target students

America's colleges and universities used to take pride in "free speech" -- but today, billionaires and power brokers have conspired to pressure the halls of academe to stifle any dissent to the mantras of the Far Left. Hopefully, today's students will be wise enough to consider that something so feared that it cannot even be mentioned might just be more of a threat to the powers that be than to their own understanding of reality.

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Forget ISIS — White House Declares War on CO2

World leaders -- other than Barack Obama -- are ignoring the United Nations as it tries very hard to promote the New York City climate conference as a major event. Meanwhile, President Obama and his coterie have been taking great pains not to alienate their antiwar base while plotting air strikes against the Islamic State that the President says is not Islamic.

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Really, Mr. Kerry? So where will you stand on Keystone?

Secretary of State John Kerry actually stated that climate change was the most terrifying "weapon of mass destruction" and that it is all our fault. But a look back at history shows that Senator Kerry voted against the Kyoto Protocol even after his pal, Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, had declared in 1992 that the world was on a "climate course" leading to a tragedy. Strong later fled to China after his role in the oil-for-food scandal was revealed as just another scam involving the Bill Clinton Administration. And the show goes on.

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Mass destruction of science: John Kerry at work!

Dr. Battig argues that, to distract attention away from his failed Middle East policies, Secretary of State John Kerry has sought comfort in environmental extremism once again, damning anyone who dissents from the alarmist worldview and calling climate change a "weapon of mass destruction." The truth is that Kerry and his ilk are destroying the foundations of real science by perpetuating the myth that carbon dioxide -- the gas of life -- is a killer.

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